How can I get a good quality Hermès Double Cuff without breaking the bank?

Whether you're someone who is head-over-heels in love with high-fashion, or just a person who thinks the Hermès Double Cuff is double striking, there are few bands that are as attention-getting. Or as expensive!

Luckily for you, there are inexpensive options out there that work to capture the look at feel of Hermès' sleek & stylish Double Cuff band for much, much less.

EloBeth genuine leather double cuff

If you're looking for a Double Cuff knockoff that's well priced, highly-rated, and comes in a wide variety of color options, then we recommend taking a peek at the EloBeth genuine leather double cuff.

Designed with a genuine leather that shouldn't fray or fall apart under day-to-day pressure, and easy to install/uninstall, the EloBeth genuine leather double cuff is built to be easily adjustable to effortlessly fit most wrist sizes.

You can pick up the EloBeth genuine leather double cuff for around $15 in colors like blue, brown, coffee, gray, orange, and purple. It also comes in 38mm and 42mm options!

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Eoso double buckle cuff

While some watch bands may be built with a faux leather, the Eoso band is designed is genuinely... genuine! That makes it comfortable to adjust and wear on your wrist. It comes in both 38mm and 42mm size options.

While the Eoso double buckle cuff might not have as many color options available as some of the other choices on our list, you can still pick up your band in a striking navy blue, classic brown, or rose red for around $20.

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LoveBlue double buckle cuff wrist watch band

If you love that classic "inspired by equestrian fixtures" look and feel that comes with the Apple Watch Hermès Double Cuff, but don't want to clear out your savings account to get it, then take a look at the LoveBlue double buckle cuff wrist watch band!

Designed with a soft yet durable genuine leather that won't wear down and fall apart after two uses, and available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, the LoveBlue double buckle cuff wrist watch band makes it look like you've paid full price for your newest wrist accessory.

Another great thing about the LoveBlue double buckle cuff wrist watch band? The price! You're only spending around $19 for this Hermès knockoff, and you can pick it up in blue, brown, coffee, gray, red/orange, and purple.

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How do you shop Hermès-for-less?

Are you a big fan of spending full price on a watch band if it comes from a high-fashion brand like Hermès? Or would you rather save your pennies and pick up a knock off for a fraction of the cost? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!