How to get the Apple Watch link bracelet look for less

If you love your Apple Watch and enjoy accessorizing with fashionable Apple Watch bands, you've got to be a fan of Apple Watch's lovely link bracelet. It'll look good on anyone's wrist, and should go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe!

But if you're not prepared to shell out the base price of $449, never fear — the shopping gurus of iMore are here, and we know how to nab that look for far, far less. Here's how!

MoKo stainless steel band

The stainless steel band from MoKo offers nine versions of the link bracelet; we're loving the one pictured to the right that's a copy of the space gray genuine article.

If you're looking to replicate Apple's silver links, MoKo can do that, too. This one would be hard to identify as a non-Apple product, that's for sure.

The triple safety folding clasp secures the band so that you'll never have to worry about it slipping off your wrist. MoKo offers both 38mm and 42mm bands in all of their solid colors, and a select few for only the 42mm band. Prices start around $24 and top out around $28.

Eoso stainless steel watch band

With three beautiful colors to choose from, the links from Eoso are among the most popular in online stores.

The quality is second to none and you'll be tempted to purchase more than one and it's hard not to when the colors extend into striking silver and butterfly gold!

The stainless steel links are smooth and comfortable, allowing you to wear it from the office to your fancy night on the town, and the double-button folding clasp won't let go until you say so.

Prices start around $30 for the 42mm, so why not grab one for you and one for a friend?

Kades stainless steel link bracelet

Let's say you've been frustrated by watch bands that are far too big on your wrist for far too long, and you're convinced that the link bracelet look just won't work for you. This bracelet from Kades is out to prove you wrong, friend.

You'll be able to remove up to 10 links, even from the 38mm version, so the link look can be yours, all yours!

All four color variations have beautifully brushed metal surfaces that look absolutely unique and authentic. Guess who didn't pay hundreds of dollars? You, because Kades sells these beauties for about $18 to $22.

For that price, you can get a band in each of the four colors for either your 38mm or 42mm watch and still not come close to Apple's original price.

OULUOQI butterfly stainless steel bracelet

A warranty can be comforting when you're buying an alternative brand for your Apple Watch, and that's the way in which OULUOQI delivers with their band. Their 18-month manufacturer's warranty means that you can get a replacement band if something happens to you gorgeous new band, but it's a comfort you're not likely to need. The well-reviewed band is a favorite for a reason!

As alternative brand bands go, OULUOQI is on the more expensive end, with the 42mm watch bands costing about $70. A feature we love about the brand is how some links are removable with a simple release button, so you don't have to fuss with any tiny tools to shrink the band size.

Combine that convenience with the spot-on match of Apple's silver Watch casing and you've got a winning watch band!

Pomarks Apple Watch Band Wrist Strap Link Bracelet

If you're looking for a near-identical dupe to the Apple Watch link band, then we recommend taking a peek at the Apple Watch Band Wrist Strap Link Bracelet from Pomarks.

Designed with high-quality stainless steel and designed to look like an identical clone of the original link bracelet, the Pomarks Apple Watch Band Wrist Strap Link Bracelet is easy to adjust and secure depending on how big or thin your wrist is.

You can pick up this particular Apple Watch accessory for around $30, and if there are any issues, don't worry: all Posmarks products are backed up with a warranty in case anything happens!

Love your look for so much less

Still not completely convinced that you can steal the link bracelet look for a better price? Have a look at Apple's link bracelet and compare for yourself!

We think you'll be pleased with our budget-friendly options in the end!

Updated April 2018: The Happy Cell link bracelet band has been removed from this list.

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