Apple Watch Nike is almost identical to the regular aluminum Apple Watch, but its Sport Band is something else entirely. It's got an awesome, wacky, octopus-ish perforated design, in black, silver, gray, and vivid green that's unlike any other band on the market. You can get an official Apple Watch Nike Sport Band directly from Apple for $50, but you don't have to pay the Nike brand price to get the Nike brand look. Here are the best options if you're looking to get the Nike Sport Band look for less!

Admaster Nike Watch Band

Understated alternative: AdMaster Apple Watch Band

The AdMaster band may lack in color options, but it makes up for in style. It looks almost exactly like the Nike equivalent, including some similar color choices. It's also pretty dang inexpensive, so you can't get really go wrong buying one, two, or even three of these cute sport bands.

From $7 at Amazon
Xfyele Apple Watch Band

Color bonanza: XFYELE Soft Sport Silicone Band

XFYELE offers a Nike Sport-like band at a very low price, available for 42mm/44mm Apple Watches. There are also a lot more color options available than the official Nike-branded band, and each band is fastened with a stainless steel pin, just like the genuine article.

$7 at Amazon
Yc Yanch Apple Watch Band

Different take: YC YANCH for Apple Watch Band

The YC YANCH Band for Apple Watch is made from high-quality silicone and is designed like the Nike Sport Band to have multiple air holes to allow for more comfort while you're running a marathon, lifting weights at the gym, or going on an early morning jog. You can pick it up in a number of different colors, including navy/black combos, pink/white varieties, and much more.

From $5 at Amazon
Hotflow Apple Watch Band

Pride options: Hotflow Apple Watch Band

Soft, durable, and a spot-on dupe for the Nike Sport Band, the Hotflow Soft Silicone Sport Band is a comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive sport band option to keep in mind. All of Hotflow's colorways feature the unique Pride rainbow effect with different backgrounds to choose from.

$8 at Amazon
Geoumy 4 Pack Apple Watch Bands

So close, so colorful: Geoumy 4-Pack Sport Bands

Geoumy has a band that doesn't quite look like the official version, but it's really close. And again, this band offers many more color options than the Nike band, such as red, midnight blue, and pink. It also comes in a pack of four, so what's not to love?

$16 at Amazon
Zsuoop Sport Watch Band

A vibrant option: Zsuoop Sport Watch Band

Ready for whichever Apple Watch in whatever size you have, Zsuoop's band's color selection would look more at home on Apple's Sport band line up, with vibrant blue, turquoise, yellow, and more. This is another multi-pack with a nice twofer deal.

$10 at Amazon

Our recommendations

Each of these bands would be a great option for getting that Apple Watch Nike Sport Band look without spending $50. Our favorite is the AdMaster Apple Watch Band. First of all, it comes at a great low price and while the color selection might not be as plentiful as some of the other options, I'm especially a fan of the Black/Red combination band.

If you love a good package deal, the Geoumy Bands come in a slick pack of four, with lots of interesting color combos to choose from. Why not have one for every outfit?

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