How to get the Apple Watch Sport Band look for less

Apple Watch Series 6 Pride Band Sport Band Hero
Apple Watch Series 6 Pride Band Sport Band Hero (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

We love the Apple Watch Sport Band; it's one of the best Apple Watch bands that Apple has made. Maybe your Apple Watch Series 7 (or another model) came with that unique, fluoroelastomer band with pin-and-tuck closure, and you're looking to get some more. Perhaps your Apple Watch came with a different band, and you've had your eye on a sports band (or several) ever since. The thing is, the real deal is $49 a pop. While they're worth it, you can also try several excellent alternatives if you want that Apple Watch Sport Band look for less.

You can have the Apple Watch Sport Band look for less

All of these are excellent sports bands for your Apple Watch, and you can get them without shelling out the $50 for a first-party band from Apple. Any would be a great addition to a band collection.

If you're looking for an alternative silicone band instead of just a copy of Apple's, the Clockwork Synergy Silicone Strap is what you need. It's a high-quality band for less than half the price of the Apple Sport Band. You can choose your hardware color to go with your Apple Watch. I own several of Clockwork Synergy's excellent bands, and the combination of price and quality can't be beaten.

Want to spend even less? Pick up a Heyday Apple Watch Band on your next Target run. This is a personal favorite of mine and is featured on our best Apple Watch bands list. There are so many options, you're bound to find one that fits you.

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