If you're someone who's totally in love with their Apple Watch, then you were probably pretty pumped about all the new watch band options that were revealed recently!

Subsequently, you might not be down for dropping a ton of cash on all the new Sport bands and Classic Buckle bands (and who could blame you? They can get pretty pricey!), but don't worry – we have you covered.

Here's how to get the new Apple Watch Band Colors without breaking the bank!

ullu premium leather Apple Watch band in Sun Ray

If you're someone who's a big fan of that rich, mustard-yellow color that was revealed with the Sunflower Classic Buckle band for the Apple Watch, then you'll probably fall head-over-heels in love with the ullu premium leather Apple Watch band in Sun Ray.

In the last couple of years, mustard yellow has really started to pick up speed and popularity in the fashion world, so wearing a bold accent color like this with a work suit or in a casual outfit is bound to show off your sleek, stylish side.

The watch band itself is handcrafted from a premium, soft leather from Italy, while the ullu premium leather Apple Watch band can also fit both Series 1 and 2 Apple Watches.

If you're someone who wants something similar to the Classic Buckle look in that bold, beautiful mustard yellow color, then the ullu premium leather Apple Watch band in Sun Ray is the way to go!

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StarMorning soft silicone sport band in blue orbit/gamma blue

Looking for the perfect dupe for the Nike+ Sport band in Blue Orbit / Gamma Blue? Never fear – the StarMorning soft silicone sport band in blue orbit/gamma blue has you covered!

This particular sports band fits both the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 and is designed from a high-quality, smooth silicone material that's perfect for working up a sweat at the gym or swimming laps at the pool.

The band is highly rated online with over 100 positive reviews, but if you're not satisfied with the quality of the StarMorning soft silicone sport band, then you have 18 months to make a return. Easy peasy!

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StarMorning soft silicone sport band in light violet/white

If you're someone who saw the Light Violet / While Nike+ Sport band and went, "OOH. CUTE. MUST-HAVE," but then saw the price and went, "OOH. NOPE. TOO MUCH", then the StarMorning soft silicone Sport Band watch replacement in light violet/white might be the perfect accessory for you!

Made from a high-quality silicone that's comfortable and soft on the wrist (making it a fantastic band for working out!) the StarMorning soft silicone sport band in light violet/white is easy to install and adjust depending on the size of your wrist.

The best part about this knockoff Apple Watch band? The color! It's almost exactly like the original that Apple just released.

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Alritz silicone replacement band in light pink

While there isn't a perfect dupe for the Flamingo-colored Apple Watch (yet…), there are a couple of close knockoffs online that might almost pass – like the Alritz silicone replacement band in light pink.

This particular sport band is made from a soft yet durable silicone and is both waterproof and extremely breathable, and while the stainless steel buckle isn't typical of a regular sport band, it will give you that little extra layer of security if you're worried about it falling off your wrist.

Now onto the color: while this isn't an exact knockoff of the Flamingo color (Flamingo is much more peachy rather than pink), I can confidently say that the Alritz silicone replacement band in light pink is a solid mix of Flamingo and Pink Sand.

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ClockChoice silicone watch band in light blue new

The Mist Blue watch band color that Apple just released is every pastel-lovers dream (same with Pollen, actually!), but that beautiful gray/blue color is tough to find online in a knockoff form, though the ClockChoice silicone band in light blue comes very close!

This Apple Watch band replacement is designed to fit a 38mm Apple Watch and is made from a comfortable, soft, and durable silicone with a magnetic connector on both sides to secure the band when it's on.

While the band color isn't 100% Mist Blue, its soft blue color comes very close as a dupe and who knows? If you wear it for a while and it gets a bit dirty, you may have a color closer to the real thing!

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Bandmax rainbow wristband

If you're someone who loves loves LOVES everything rainbow and really want to show off your colorful-ness on your wrist (but don't want to break the bank), then check out the Bandmax rainbow wristband!

Pretty much a straight-up dupe for the Pride Edition Apple Watch band, the Bandmax rainbow wristband is made from a high-quality denim and can easily be adjusted to fit almost all wrist sizes.

For only $14.99, the Bandmax rainbow wristband comes with a cleaning cloth to wipe down your watch face if it ever gets dirty. Well, that's certainly some VIP treatment (WERK, GIRL.).

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What do you think of the new Apple Watch bands?

Are you a big fan of the different color options and style choices, or do you wish there was more to choose from?

Let us know what you think in the comments below – and if you have any awesome Apple Watch band dupes, we'll be sure to check those out, too!

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