How to hide (and rearrange) Instagram filters

Instagram's new 6.4 update not only brought new filters (gasp) for the first time in years, it also brought the ability to rearrange your favorite filters and even hide those you don't like. (Sorry, Kelvin.) Setting up your perfect list of filters to choose from is easy — just follow these simple steps.

How to hide or rearrange Instagram filters

  1. Within Instagram, tap on the Photo button.
  2. Choose or take an image, then press Next. (You won't have to upload it to Instagram if you don't want to.)

  1. On the Filters screen, swipe left along the filters until you get to the Manage button, and tap it.

  1. Within Manage, you can uncheck filters you don't like by tapping the checkmark next to them. You can also rearrange the order in which your filters display by dragging on the edit handles to the left.

Once you've made those filter and arrangement selections, they stick — even if you decide to exit out from the picture you were editing. The next time you go to upload a photo to Instagram, you'll have your filters ready and waiting in the order you've chosen. Pretty nifty, eh?

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  • I was looking at all the filters yesterday and didn't even notice this "manage" tab. Thanks for this.
  • Awesome sauce! Just hid a bunch of filters I dont use.
  • Nice! I have a few I don't use much and others I'd like to keep together (B&W) so this will come in handy.
  • After using VSCOCam, I no more use Instagram filters for my gallery photos!
  • The best side effect of this is I don't seem to have Kelvin anymore. Yay for small victories! Sent from the iMore App