Jason Snell produces roughly 300 podcasts a week, feels like, and they all sound great, even with really larges panels. So, whether you're just starting out or want to take your own podcast project to a newer, more compressed, more equalized, and more gated level, check out his editing tips. From Six Colors:

For every podcast I edit, I apply a basic set of plug-ins to make them sound better. Let me show you how to apply my settings within GarageBand and save them as a pre-set so you can apply them quickly without spending time in the ugliness of the Smart Controls pane.

Both Jason and Dave Wiskus inspired—and shamed—me into moving from GarageBand to Logic Pro X for podcast editing but several times since I've found myself on a new or loaner Mac and needed to get some editing done. It's always been fine, but thanks to Jason, hopefully they'll be even better.

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