How to manage group messages in OS X Yosemite

Messages gets some distinct improvements in OS X Yosemite, including Continuity with iOS 8, which lets you pick up a conversation right where you left off on your iPhone or iPad. Even better, you can now leave conversations, mute them, name them, and more!

How to mute, leave, and name iMessage conversations in OS X Yosemite

Up until Yosemite's release, there's been no easy way to extricate yourself from a group message. If a sidebar conversation occurs between other participants in the group chat, you'll get spammed with messages until they stop.

First of all, group messages get a new Details button - a blue bit of linked text at in the upper right hand corner. Details can share information like your friends' location (if they use Find My Friends), and what methods they're available: FaceTime, video chat or phone.

You can also give group chats individual names. Starting a new group chat with your staff to discuss the upcoming budget? Name it "Budget Chat." Talking with your wife and kids about what to play on family game night? Call it "Game Night Chat."

If you're otherwise occupied and you just can't pay attention to a chat that's going on, there's a new "Do Not Disturb" checkbox in the Details window. That effectively mutes the chat until you're ready to participate again.

And if worse comes to worst and you just want to bail out all together? Click the Leave Conversation link at the bottom of the window.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments how the above features are working for you. Are there any other iMessage options you'd like to see Apple add in the future? Let me know that too!

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