Best answer: Ultimate Ears claims that the PartyUp feature will allow you to connect over 150 speakers at once, allowing you to play your music through all the speakers simultaneously; however, it's not a true multi-room sound solution. If you want it for real, you're better off getting the Sonos Play:1.

The app makes it easy

If you find yourself in need of a volume boost doing your next shindig, tell your friends to bring their Ultimate Ears Megaboom or Boom speakers with them! The PartyUp feature is made easy with the Ultimate Ears app, as it will automatically find all the compatible speakers available and allow you to connect to however many you want.

As long as the speakers are in range and connected, you can put the speakers anywhere and they'll all play the same audio coming from your phone, so you can even have them in multiple rooms if you desire.

It works with older models

It's not just the Megaboom 3 that PartyUp can pair too, you can also use the older model for the Megaboom and the Boom, Boom 2, or Boom 3. If any of your friends have those models of Ultimate Ears speakers, get them to bring them along to your next party so you can crank up the volume!

Not true multi-room sound

It's important to note that this doesn't replace a true multi-room sound system, as the PartyUp feature doesn't allow you to isolate zones or have different audio playing on different speakers. It's just a bunch of speakers connected to a single audio source playing the same audio.

Sonos is a better pick for multi-room sound

The Play:1 is Sonos' entry-level player in its home theater and speaker roundup. With its two dedicated amplifiers, single tweeter, and mid-range woofer, it produces a crisp high fidelity sound for your audio enjoyment. It is wall-mountable and humidity resistant, so you can place it in your bathroom without worrying about moisture damaging its components. While you can't get stereo sound out of one Play:1, if you buy two, you can set them up as a stereo pair of left and right speakers. Furthermore, all Sonos speakers can connect to each other and become a true multi-room sound solution, meaning you can control what music is playing from what speakers.

Of course, you need to buy as many Sonos speakers as you would want and put them all over your house, but the results are a very capable set of speakers that will give you much better multi-room sound than if you hooked up a bunch of Ultimate Ears speakers.

Our pick

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

Big on battery, big on sound, big on fun.

The new UE Megaboom 3 has a gorgeous new design, improved Bluetooth range, a 20-hour battery life, and improved sound. Better yet, it's less expensive than its predecessor. A no-brainer.

Multi-room sound

Sonos Play:1

Better control for multi-room sound

The Sonos Play:1 is a compact but powerful little speaker that — when paired up with multiple Sonos speakers — has the potential to be a very customizable multi-room sound system.

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