How to order iPad mini 5 in the UK

How to order iPad mini 5 in the UK

Best answer: Right now the only way to guarantee yourself a new iPad mini as soon as possible is to preorder from Apple or Currys PCWorld.Amazon: iPad mini 5 (From £399)Apple: iPad mini 5 (From £399)Currys: iPad mini 5 (From £399)

Only places currently accepting preorders

If you absolutely definitely want to guarantee yourself an iPad mini 5 around launch then you need to get a preorder in directly with Apple or go through Amazon or Currys PCWorld.

Whether or not you use the website or the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad, you'll be able to reserve yourself a new iPad mini in any of the colors, storage sizes, or cellular variants and pay with Apple Pay. Neither Amazon nor Currys PCWorld currently offer that as a payment method.

Initial shipping estimates were for March 28 - April 2, but those have already started to slip. Currys PCWorld on the other hand is showing availablility for March 27, so potentially earlier than ordering directly from Apple at this point. Amazon is currently set to ship for March 29.

Resellers will come onboard soon

While initially, only Apple, Amazon and Currys PCWorld are actually taking orders, there are a number of authorized resellers throughout the UK that will be selling the iPad mini 5. So far, only John Lewis of these has announced their intentions, offering a signup page for more information on when the new iPads go on sale.

Other resellers such as Stormfront and KRCS as yet aren't listing the iPad mini 5, so they may not be offering a preorder service, only sales from the end of March. Argos has now listed all versions of the iPad mini 5 but as yet isn't taking orders.

Trade-in with Apple GiveBack

One advantage to buying from Apple is that you have an easy way to cash in your old iPad for cash towards your new one. Apple GiveBack is the company's own trade-in scheme, allowing you to price up your device when you buy.

Apple will then send you out a kit to package up and send in your old hardware for appraisal, crediting you with its value once happy.

There are other places to trade-in or sell your old iPad, but Apple GiveBack is certainly one of the easiest. And you might be surprised at how much you're offered.

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