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Best answer: It's never a bad idea to get your Apple gear direct from Apple. The strong 14-day returns and top-notch customer service make it a no-brainer.

New hotness: iPad Pro (£769+ at Apple)

Ordering directly from Apple is usually the fastest, most enjoyable way to get your new iPad Pro

We like to get our Apple hardware direct from the company's online or local Apple Stores wherever possible, and we suggest you do the same, too. Apple's customer service is second to none, and it definitely has the nicest stores!

But it's the 14-day return policy that clinches the deal. Not sure how much storage you need or whether you'll make use of 4G? You can buy your new iPad Pro worry-free and return it for a different model if you need to.

Can I order anywhere else?

Not at the moment. It looks like stocks are going to be fairly limited, and Apple doesn't seem to have brought its retail partners online just yet. Despite that, some retailers are selling the previous generation iPad Pro with a (Latest Model) tag. Be wary of these – as of March 19, they are not the refreshed iPad Pros. You can tell in a couple of different ways.

  • If there is a 64GB storage option, it's the old iPad Pro. The new one starts at 128GB and rises from there.
  • If there is a single camera lens on the back, it's the old iPad Pro. The hot new model has two cameras and a fancy new LiDAR Scanner. The camera bump is a "squircle."

How much is it?

You can order the iPad Pro in two screen sizes and four different storage options.

11-inch iPad Pro

  • iPad Pro 128GB - £769.00
  • iPad Pro 256GB - £869.00
  • iPad Pro 512GB - £1,069.00
  • iPad Pro 1TB - £1,269.00

12.9-inch iPad Pro

  • iPad Pro 128GB - £969.00
  • iPad Pro 256GB - £1,069.00
  • iPad Pro 512GB - £1,269.00
  • iPad Pro 1TB - £1,469.00

There are also two colors to choose from – Silver and Space Gray.

When can I order?

Right away! Apple is accepting orders this very moment, so what are you waiting for?

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