How to preorder Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch

Game Builder Garage Box Art
Game Builder Garage Box Art (Image credit: Nintendo)

Have you ever wanted to make your own video games? Nintendo is setting out to make that task a whole lot easier with the upcoming Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch. Players will experience interactive lessons for adding player controls, building levels for seven fun games. These lessons include creating a game of tag, a ball puzzle game with motion controls, a racing game, and more.

Once you've got the basics down, the Free Programming mode lets you take the skills you've learned and make whatever you can dream up. See what awesome creations you can create. Excited to check this game out? Fortunately, it's already up for preorder. Here's where you can buy it.

Game Builder Garage Preorder: Physical Copy

Game Builder Garage New Project (Image credit: Nintendo)

Game Builder Garage teaches you how to program games and then lets you build anything you can set your mind to. If you like owning physical copies of the best Nintendo Switch games, then this is the way to go:

Note: It looks like physical copies will not be available in the UK.

Play on, build on!

Game Builder Garage preorders are now available. The game is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on June 11, 2021. We're guessing that the crowd that loves Super Mario Maker 2 will be just as excited for this fun new game.

The Free Programming mode especially looks like it will give people the tools and space they need to really bring unique ideas to life. We can't wait to see what the Nintendo fandom comes up with.

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