How to take super secret, sneaky selfies

Did you know that selfie sticks are illegal to carry at Disney World? It's true: The Mouse House will confiscate any selfie sticks they find. And that's not the only place getting in on the anti-selfie action: All selfies have been banned from France's iconic Garoupe Beach, while if you want to run with the bulls in Pamplona, you can get fined up to $4,000 for snapping a front-facing shot (which is exactly what happened to this British tourist last summer); and if you try and strike a pose with a big cat at a zoo in the state of New York, the fine is between $500-$1,000.

With all these rules and regulations coming into effect, it seems that selfies have never made more of an impact on the modern world; while some people may laugh and think these shots are stupid and harmless, the reality is taking a selfie could kill you. In May of 2015, a teenager in Russia died attempting to take a selfie on a bridge when he came into contact with live wires, and in November of the same year, two engineering students from India drowned in the Narmada Canal after slipping down the bank while snapping selfies.

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These are extreme cases of selfie mismanagement, however: The majority of rules in place today focus more on getting rid of selfies not because they're dangerous, but because they're obnoxious and annoying to everyone around the selfie-taker.

But what if your makeup is on point in a do-not-selfie zone? What if you're feeling especially beautiful on a crowded bus, but don't want to extend your arm and spout some duck lips? We're not telling you to break the rules (or take life-endangering selfies with a moving train, because seriously, dude?); instead, we're just showing you some tips on how to take a safe, super #sneakyselfie!

Turn the volume off your phone

Turn off the volume off your phone

Before you do anything to prepare for a sneaky selfie, do yourself a favor and turn the volume off on your phone. Every time you snap a picture, selfie or otherwise, your phone makes that classic camera shutter sound, indicating to you – and everyone else around – that you've taken a photo.

By turning off the volume on your phone, you're able to capture your selfies without the rest of the world knowing, so take a quick second to flip that little switch.

Skip the high-angles & keep it simple

You've probably heard the phrase K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) used for a billion things, but did you know it can also work when taking a super-sneaky selfie?

It's deeply ingrained into our selfie-taking DNA that high angles and killer lighting are keys for snapping the perfect shot, but these things are nearly impossible to achieve if you're trying to take a sneaky selfie at a museum or on a packed bus. Try holding your phone directly in front of your face and angling your head so you find a flattering angle, rather than holding your phone above yourself and moving it to find a flattering angle. If you think this looks awkward, try turning your face away from your phone for a more candid feeling picture; like a paparazzi caught you looking fantastic at a busy bus stop and just needed to snap your photo.

Get a selfie-specific phone case

Get a selfie-specific phone case

Selfie queen Kim Kardashian recently partnered with LuMee, a company that makes LED light-lined phone cases meant to up your selfie game. Beyonce's makeup artist Ty Hunter also came out with an illuminated phone case called the Ty-Lite.

By using a phone case specifically meant to take amazing selfies, you can use the dimmest setting on the device to bring a bit of light to even the darkest self-portrait.

A fair word of warning, though: Only use this case on the dimmest setting, or it'll look like you set off a flash-bang grenade while sneaky selfie-ing, which is literally the opposite of not trying to draw attention to yourself.

Skip the extra accessories

Say bye bye to external lenses, tripods, remote camera shutters, and every other piece of iPhoneography gear that's used to take amazing phone photography. As stated earlier, K.I.S.S.!

While it's true that there is plenty of gear available to turn your phone into a photograh-taking masterpiece, none of this equipment will help you when you're trying to take a sneaky selfie. Instead it'll just gum up the process, so stick to the bare necessities — a.k.a. your iPhone (and maybe a self-helping phone case).

RBF is your best friend

Have you ever seen someone who looks super angry or sad, so you ask them what's wrong, and they say, "Oh it's just my face"? Then you've encountered RBF, which is secretly the best tool for taking sneaky selfies.

Naturally once a camera is stuck in our face, we want to pose or smile or duck-lip. When you're trying to take a sneaky selfie, these are out of the question. Try taking selfies with RBF; this is different for everyone, but the idea is essentially the same.

Part your lips slightly, relax your gaze (or even look away from the phone all-together), and angle your chin down for the most flattering portrait. Try doing this one handed for an even more relaxed look and people won't think you're snapping a selfie at all, they'll just think you have aggressive RBF.

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