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It's 2020, and the usual Mother's Day activities are on hold. Going out to eat, going to the movies, anything that would have you going outside and being among other people is off the table for most people celebrating Mother's Day this year.

But there are ways that you can celebrate Mother's Day while staying socially isolated. You could do things like making breakfast in bed, watch some of her favorite movies together, or even make a gift for her.

Here are some great ways to celebrate Mother's Day while you're sheltered in place.

Making breakfast

Now, this may have been a part of your usual Mother's Day routine anyway. Breakfast in bed, or just a homemade breakfast, is a great way to start any day of celebration. And a key component to making a good breakfast is having the right tools in the kitchen.

Whether you're a good cook or not, there are a lot of great gadgets out there that will help you make the perfect breakfast for Mother's Day, no matter what Mom likes. From waffle makers to three-in-one breakfast-making stations, these kitchen gadgets will help with the ideal start to Mother's Day.

All in one

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This little gadget makes cooking breakfast sandwiches a breeze. Just put in your bread or other outer layers, followed by your meat or cheese, then crack an egg in the egg plate, close the machine and turn it on. The removable components make cleanup super simple, too.

Waffles, but mini

Dash Waffle Maker Fixed

Dash Mini Maker

This tiny waffle maker will take up a minimum of space, and is designed to make a perfect waffle every time. Easy to clean up and comes with a small recipe book.

It's all here

Nostalgia BST3RR

Nostalgia BST3RR 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

This busy breakfast station from Nostalgia has some sweet retro styling while combining a griddle, toaster oven, and coffee maker to help you make breakfast at one convenient station.

Turn on a movie

Going to the movies has always been a favorite thing to do on Mother's Day for a lot of families. Since we're all staying inside, now's a great time to fire up your iTunes library. Turn on one or two of Mom's favorite movies this Mother's Day, or find something great from a set of new releases.

Here are some great movies to watch together on Mother's Day, whether you're looking for drama, comedy, or a straight-up tearjerker.

Little Women (2020)

Little WomenSource: Sony

This adaptation of the classic novel is considered one of the best films of 2019. It features outstanding performances by a terrific cast, telling the story of four young women coming of age in Massachusetts during the Civil War while being raised by their mother.

$9.99 on iTunes

20th Century Women

20th Century WomenSource: A24

In this drama, a single mother, Dorothea, deals with raising her teenage son, Jaime, during the 1970s. Dorothea enlists the help of two women staying in her boarding house with help raising her son when she fears that she might not be up to the task. The film explores how these women are similar, as well as the generational difference between them and their relationships with Jaime.

$14.99 on iTunes

Bad Moms

Bad MomsSource: STX Entertainment

This dark comedy explores the relationship between three mothers who decide to rebel against the strictures placed on them by their fellow parents, escaping from the stress of everything from shepherding their kids everywhere to overly-involved PTA meetings.

$14.99 on iTunes

Terms of Endearment

Terms Of EndearmentSource: Paramount Pictures

A classic tearjerker, this film, starring Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine, follows widow Aurora and her daughter Emma through 30 years of their lives, and their constant back-and-forth between tenderness and struggle as Emma moves from a child in need of protection into an adult feeling the need to make her own way in life.

$14.99 on iTunes

Do-it-yourself gifting

If you're the sort of person who likes to make hand-crafted gifts, these kits will help you do just that. Not only is it a great way to make a present for Mom, but you can also include her in the creation process if that'll be even more fun.

There are kits out there to make all kinds of things, like bath bombs, candles, and even hot sauce. Here are some great kits to choose from to build your own hand-made gift this Mother's Day.

Homemade relaxation

DIY Gift Kits Bath Bomb Kit

Bath Bomb Kit by DIY Gift Kits

Create your own bath bombs with the tools provided by this kit. This simple box is full of everything you need, including scents, Epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda, and cornstarch.

Spice things up

Thoughtfully DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Thoughtfully DIY Hot Sauce Kit

If your mother likes hot sauce, this kit is for her. You can create a variety of sauces with the included spices, peppers, and other flavors, and store them all in a set of four fun mini skull mason jars.

Growing up

Planter's Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Bonsai Starter Kit

If your mom has a bit of a green thumb, this bonsai starter kit might just be up her alley. It comes with everything she'll need to grow her own Bonsai tree (or four), including seeds, stands, trimmers, and plant markers.

Your celebrations

How are you planning on celebrating Mother's Day while socially isolated? Let us know in the comments.

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