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HomeKit Secure Video is finally here! The Logitech Circle 2 Camera is the first camera to support the privacy-focused feature, and although it may look scary, the upgrade process is quite easy. All you need is version 3.4.5 or later of the Logi Circle Security Camera app. Here's how to get your camera updated in no time.

How to upgrade your Circle 2 camera to HomeKit Secure Video

  1. Launch the Logi Circle Security Camera app.
  2. Tap on the Menu button on the top left of your camera feed.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Smart Home Integrations.

    Steps 1-3 depicting how to upgrade to HomeKit Secure VideoSource: iMore

  4. Choose Apple HomeKit.
    • You may see a prompt asking you to allow access to your Home if you haven't given this permission previously. You will need to allow access to proceed.
  5. Tap on Beta: Convert to support HomeKit Secure Video.

    Steps 4-5 depicting how to upgrade to HomeKit Secure VideoSource: iMore

  6. Thoroughly read the warnings about the conversion process, then tap on each of the Checkboxes to indicate that you accept and understand, then tap Upgrade.
    • This process will remove your ability to use your camera with the Logi Circle app and will delete any recordings that you may have made with the Circle Safe subscription service, so be sure to back them up before proceeding.
  7. Tap Continue once your upgrade is complete.

    Steps 6-7 depicting how to upgrade to HomeKit Secure VideoSource: iMore

  8. Select Remove Camera Now or Remove Camera Later accordingly.
  9. Tap on OK if you chose to remove your camera from the app to finish.

    Steps 8-9 depicting how to upgrade to HomeKit Secure VideoSource: iMore

That's it! Your camera is now using HomeKit Secure Video for all of its recordings and video feeds. From now on, all of your camera's settings will be available in the Home app, such as toggling night vision, and a new timeline will be shown while viewing your camera that shows off all of your recordings.

Advanced options like setting what type of motion events send notifications also reside in the Home app, which takes advantage of image analysis to determine if a car, animal, or person is passing by. With everything moved over to the Home app, you can now delete the Circle 2 app, as it can no longer be used with your camera unless you decide to downgrade, which will involve a call to Logitech's support line.

Awesome accessories

The Logitech Circle 2 Camera isn't just the first camera to support HomeKit Secure Video. It also happens to be one of the best cameras around thanks to features like 1080p video, 2-way audio, and night vision. This camera also works both indoors and out, and it has access to a variety of mounting options making it truly flexible. Here are some of our favorite mounts that give the Circle 2 an edge over its competitors.

Logitech Circle 2 Plug Mount ($30 at Amazon)

Logitech's Circle 2 Plug Mount is a handy option that ditches the wire for a direct to plug connection. This plug and play solution keeps things clean, and also makes it a breeze to move around your home.

Logitech Circle 2 Window Mount ($30 at Amazon)

The Circle 2 Window Mount allows you to attach your camera directly to the glass of a window, giving you a better view of the outside world. This mount uses micro-suction to keep things secure and is easily removable without damaging your window

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