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Whether it's organizing protests, spreading a unified message, relaying important information, or just being aware of where people are gathering, social media can help. While you may not think of Snapchat as the most useful tool for passing around information, but it's a great app to see where people are gathering and what's happening in certain locations because of Snap Maps. Here's what you need to know about Snap Maps and how to use them to find where protests and demonstrations are going down.

What is Snap Maps?

Snap Map is essentially a new way to see what your friends nearby are doing, but it also allows you to check out what's happening around the world.

The Snap Map will show you, your location and any friend who aren't hidden (in Ghost Mode) on the map. You'll also notice a "heat map" of sorts, that shows where Snapchat stories are being published. The blue, yellow, orange and red glowing spots on the map indicate how many Snapchat stories are coming from approximately that location.

How to use Snap Maps to see what's happening around you

  1. Launch Snapchat on your device.
  2. Swipe down on the screen to bring up Snap Maps.
  3. Navigate around the map to see the "hot zones".
  4. Tap on a "hot zone" to view the Snaps from that location.

    Using Snap Maps in Snapchat: Laun Snapchat on your device, swipe down on the screen, navigate around the map, tap a hot zone to see Snapchat stories from the area. Source: iMore

You can also pinch in or out to zoom in or zoom out on the map respectively, so you can get a more specific location on the map.

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