How well does Sonos One work with Siri?

How well does Sonos One work with Siri?

Best answer: It works ... fine. It's got a lot of limitations, though. You have to specifically tell Siri you want it to play through the Sonos One, for example. If you want better Siri integration, you may want to check out the HomePod instead.Alexa: Sonos One ($199 at Amazon)Hey Siri: HomePod ($349 at Apple)

The HomePod works best with Siri

For some, it's all-Apple or nothing. If it's not Siri-compatible, then it doesn't come through the front door. I get that. I have the full Apple ecosystem running throughout my house. Though Sonos One does work with Siri. It doesn't really work all that well with Siri.

When you want to play music, for example, you have to specify to Siri that you want to play it through the Sonos One. That's because you're triggering Siri from your iPhone to relay instructions, not the Sonos One speaker itself.

The HomePod, however, has Siri built in. That means you could just holler "Hey Siri play something I like," into the general room while your iPhone is locked in a vault and Siri will take care of business for you via the HomePod.

HomePod also has more integrated personal features like the ability to tell you what's on your agenda for the day and the weather forecast.

The Sonos One has more variety, though

That being said, Sonos One has Alexa support integrated into the speaker itself (much the way Siri is integrated into the HomePod). Though you do need your phone to set it up, you ask Alexa to play any supported streaming music (and there are a lot of options for that).

Using Alexa on Sonos One is pretty much the same as using Alexa on an Echo device, so you've got a lot of options for Amazon's digital assistant, including your daily schedule, creating and adding to shopping lists, writing notes, and using skills. That's right, with Sonos One, you can play Jeopardy.

If you don't mind using Alexa some of the time, the Sonos One is a much better speaker for serving your digital assistant needs.

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