Are you an iPhone 3GS user who's wondered how-to enable HD video recording without having to upgrade to an iPhone 4? Well, if you're not afraid of Jailbreak and are comfortable with SSH, there is a new hack available to let you get your HD on. Now the iPhone 3GS simply doesn't have the same quality camera as the iPhone 4, but this tweak will take your video recording from a measly 640x480 to 1080x800.

To install this tweak, ensure you are jailbroken and follow the steps below:

  • Download the HD Video files to your computer.
  • Go to Cydia and install OpenSSH on your iPhone 3GS.
  • Connect your 3GS to your computer and make sure iTunes is NOT running.
  • Download and install Cyberduck for Mac or WinSCP for Windows.
  • Cyberduck Settings
    • Server: The IP address of your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Settings –> WiFi –>
    • Username: root
    • Password: (your SSH password, because you remembered to change it from the default "alpine", right?)
    • Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • WinSCP Settings
    • Hostname: The IP address of your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Setting –> WiFi –>
    • User name: root
    • Password: alpine
    • Protocol: SCP
  • Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/ directory and copy the N88AP.plist file from the HD Video files you downloaded earlier and paste it into the folder you navigated to.
  • Now navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/N88/ directory and copy AVCapture.plist, CameraRollValidator.plist and MediaValidator.plist from the HD Video files you downloaded earlier and paste them into the folder you just navigated to.
  • Reboot your 3GS and you now have HD video recording.

A word of caution, if you are not an experienced user who has SSH'ed into your phone before be very careful as this can cause issues and require a restore if done incorrectly. As always do this tweak at your own risk. If you have an iPhone 3GS and you do this mod let us know how it worked for you and how the install process went for you.

[Redmond Pie]

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