HSBC is working on rolling out voice recognition and touch authentication security upgrades to customers in the UK. Should you own an iPhone or iPad with fingerprint recognition capabilities, you'll be able to utilize Touch ID to log into the bank's iOS app. Passwords are a thing of the past, ensuring customers accounts are secured without horrid usernames or passwords.

The bank, alongside First Direct, will offer voice and fingerprint recognition systems as the year progresses, boasting the plan as the largest biometric security roll out in the UK. You'll be able to simply speak to the authentication system over the phone to have your voice verified, or use your fingerprint in the official apps.

Before you're able to get started and take full advantage of Touch ID, you'll need to follow the instructions on the mobile banking apps to configure your security and activate fingerprint authentication.

The BBC reports that Nuance Communications will be responsible for the voice biometrics technology.

"It works by cross-checking against over 100 unique identifiers including both behavioural features such as speed, cadence and pronunciation, and physical aspects including the shape of larynx, vocal tract and nasal passages. Customers who want to use the service will have to enrol their "voice print" and will no longer need to use passwords or PINs."

It's said the voice recognition system will even work should you happen to be ill, which will be handy for when you have a cold and require access to your accounts. For more details on the roll out, be sure to contact HSBC/First Direct or pop into your local branch.

Source: BBC