Iphone On Fishing HookSource: Jason Robinson

What you need to know

  • A man out fishing managed to hook an iPhone that had been lost for eight months.
  • The iPhone was returned to its owner thanks to a photo that was with it.

A man out fishing the Waccamaw River in Horry County, SC managed to hook more than he bargained for when his line rose from the water with an iPhone attached. It turned out the iPhone had been missing for eight months before it was found — and successfully returned to its owner.

According to local reports, Jason Robinson was out fishing when he caught the iPhone — it looks like an iPhone X or iPhone XS, to me. After taking a photo of it to send to his wife, Robinson put the iPhone in his boat and continued about his day. It was only upon later inspection that he realized there was a photo in the iPhone's case — and the hunt was on.

While cleaning mud off the phone, he noticed a photograph showing a young woman carrying a young man in her arms as she stood on a board walk.

Robinson decided to take a chance and see if social media could help track down the couple.

Just five minutes after posting the photo to Facebook, Riley Johnson was identified as one of the people in the photo. It transpired that her husband had lost the iPhone and photo when out fishing last Thanksgiving — so around eight months ago. The photo itself was taken in 2018, when the pair first started dating.

Damaged Iphone PhotoSource: Riley Johnson

Unfortunately, the original report doesn't say whether the iPhone itself survived the ordeal, although it seems unlikely. Maybe it's time the owner checked out our list of the best iPhone deals and picked up a new one!

This isn't the first time that an iPhone has been found months after it went missing. Sometimes people get lucky and they're still working just fine, too!