Apple's open source Swift programming language continues its ascent, hitting number two on Upwork's skills chart for Q4:

  1. Natural language processing
  2. Swift
  3. Tableau
  4. Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS)
  5. Stripe

The Upwork Skills Index calculates year-over-year growth rates based on freelancer billings through Upwork in Q4 2016 versus Q4 2015. User experience design has made the list for three quarters straight. Swift, Tableau, MySQL programming and Machine learning, all included in the Q3 2016 Skills Index, continued to see rapid growth in Q4 as well.

Also interesting:

The holiday period caused noticeable spikes in growth for several skills on the list. Sales for the Apple Watch, which is developed using Swift ($AAPL), were at a record high during the holidays

I wish I had the kind of mind that lent itself to application development but, next best thing, Swift seems to be making development far more accessible to those that do, and at younger ages.

So, win.