We've already told you that the Instinct is a sad, pale, wannabe version of the iPhone. That's not just because we're fanboys (we are), even old Walt Mossberg agrees. Sprint apparently saw the writing on the wall too after Uncle Walt's "review" of their device, so they've decided to drop the price down to $129. Actually, it might be cheaper overall, too, given that Sprint will give you that price after a contract of around $70 total per month for unlimited data and 450 minutes. Oh, yeah, and the Instinct will go on sale tomorrow, giving it a huge jump on the iPhone. Or Not.

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Honestly - is anybody out there seriously considering an Instinct over an iPhone? We'll grant that there are some people who prefer to pick their carrier first, phone second -- but still, is it possible to even pick up the clean end of a piece of ...Instinct?