Reader Reptile writes in with the tip, and the pithy title inspiration. Seems like our friends to the frozen north (no, not Canada, Nokia-land!) finally released their iClone... er... Tube... er... Xpress Music.

The device, which started life as a complete rip-off proof of concept roughly 3 minutes after Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone live on the Macworld 2007 stage has taken a long -- looooooooong -- time to come to market. Was it worth the wait?

Well, in targeting the iPhone, it's already placed itself squarely in the "follower" camp, and not the "leader" position Nokia should not only enjoy, but command. Strike one. Also, if as Reptile suggests, no one (outside the gadget blogsphere and -- maybe -- Europe) noticed, can it even really be considered launched? Strike two.

As long as there's the iPhone, every other "me too!" device will be an iClone, simple as that. Want a real iPhone Killer? Do what Apple did and drop a device no one sees coming, and revolutionize the industry in your own, innovative way. That's how you'll kill the iPhone.

Absent that. Strike three.

Video link via Engadget