If you want an iPhone but don't like Apple, here's your alternative...

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have to answer that question, starting with today's pre-order and carrying over to April 10's release date and beyond. It's an answer I'm truly interested in seeing, because right now I have no idea to whom I could recommend either of those phones.

This is where I pause and give a trigger warning to all my Android friends. Part of my covering the iPhone is covering competition to the iPhone: How other companies choose to counter-program Apple fascinates me as a marketer, and how well they do it directly affects me as a customer. The better the competition, the harder everyone has to work. Cool? Cool!

Four or five years ago, I could have recommended the Samsung Galaxy to people who wanted an iPhone but needed to use Verizon. Two years ago, I could have recommended a GS4 to someone who wanted an iPhone but really needed a bigger screen. Last year, I could have recommended a GS5 to someone who wanted an iPhone but felt they absolutely had to have a replaceable battery, SD card, and/or waterproofing. The GS6, however...

With its newest smartphone, Samsung has gone back to the GS series looking like an iPhone — from multiple angles — complete with analogs for Touch ID and Apple Pay. They also got rid of everything they spent the last year advertising as a differentiator: the aforementioned battery, SD card, and waterproofing. The price is also premium, so there's no money to be saved here either.

That means the only person I can think of recommending a Galaxy S6 to is someone who wants an iPhone, but hates Apple and iOS. Even then, they'd have to really want an iPhone without Apple or iOS. If they just preferred Android, I'd be tempted to recommend something else, like an HTC model (if camera wasn't a priority) or Motorola, or a Nexus (unless it's too big), or one of the increasingly interesting Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi.

I get the feeling Samsung is having the same problem: The company doesn't know who their customer is any more than I do. They seem to be hoping that it's people who want iPhones... but instead, those people are getting iPhones, and in record numbers to boot.

To be clear, this isn't Samsung changing: Samsung actually changing would be staying a course for more than a year. It's also not Samsung listening to their customers: How do you listen to customers when you don't know who they are? This is Samsung going back to a strategy that worked in the past, but for reasons that no longer exist.

Here's why that concerns me: There are very few companies in the world that have the resources to compete with Apple, and Samsung is probably the best-equipped of all of them. They're a manufacturer — they're often Apple's manufacturer — and that means they don't have to worry about having access to technologies or components. They're also incredibly well financed: They have, effectively, limitless funds with which to compete. They can make anything.

Give that, Samsung should be pushing Apple. Hard. Instead of playing catch-up, Samsung should be leaping ahead and forcing Apple to play that game. Instead of an iPhone 6 design complete with Touch ID and Apple Pay, they should have features that terrify Apple and make all of us in the media wonder out loud how Apple will respond to them.

There's nothing terrifying about the Galaxy S6, though. We're not anticipating any of the S6's new features moving to iPhone — they're already all there. Instead, most everyone in the media is anticipating Apple's incorporation of its own technologies like Force Touch and Taptics into its smartphone and tablet line, with nothing from Samsung even close to being on the radar.

That's bad for me, and for anyone who wants competition. It's bad for Apple, which can always benefit from tough competition. Whether or not it's bad for Samsung, though, we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will garner favorable reviews from mainstream outlets. It's a beautifully tailored suit, but ultimately it strikes me as an empty one.

How it does in the market, and how much it moves the needle for Samsung, is going to be really interesting to see. I know I'll be watching Android Central's coverage closely! But I don't think it will make much of a dent in Apple's plans or marketing. And that's not a good thing.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Here came the haters Rene...watch out.
  • Why do you think he writes this stuff? LOL!
  • I would do it just to piss off those people. HEHEHEHE.
  • That was kind of my point. ;)
  • Shocks me why Android people read Apple sites. I know some sites have both sides but I dont waste my team surfing Android sites to to poke fun or troll.
  • I think it's even more odd that a guy who writes for an Apple site, devotes entire articles to bashing Samsung. Just saying...
  • Samsung should probably not make it so easy to do so. ;-) They were doing good for a few models making it look different.
  • Being the owner of both IOS and Android I find it funny that Rene thinks that the new SGS6 looks like the iPhone, I disagree, the new iPhone looks just like the SGS5 and the Note 3 & 4. The SGS6 looks just like the SGS5 but made of metal and glass. Rene has his thought process leaning towards his pocket book. Just put the SGS5 & SGS6 side by side, you will be lying if they were not made from same mold. Just my opinion. I'm writing this on my iPad mini with 128 gb of storage.
  • Yeah, and those all look like iPhones.
  • I thought he explained rather clearly why he wrote the article. If you disagree with anything he said, here's your opportunity to call him out on it.
  • Some of us Android people read iMore because we own both devices. I love my iPad Air but hate iPhones. I love my Galaxy Note (insert model number here) but don't want a Samsung Tablet. Coming here, just like any other mobile site focusing on whatever OS of choice, keeps me up to speed on what works for my needs. When I see articles like this however, I can't help but come in and see how the editors are bashing Samsung. I don't really see Apple-bashing that much on Android Central from the editors though.... hm....
  • That make since but it seems like most trolls do it for sure pleasure.
  • Did you even read the article? There was no bashing here. Samsung didn't come up with anything groundbreaking this time around. That's bad for all of us. You see, us Apple "fanboys" NEED Samsung. The new features brought to the table from Korea help drive innovation - including innovation in Cupertino. That's what Rene is saying. If Samsung has decided to play the, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" game, then all phones are screwed - including the iPhone. A breakthrough at Samsung is great for Apple, and vice versa. Take the blinders off and thrive, my friend!
  • Why is it shocking? Some people, myself included, just like keeping up with tech in general. I'm the go-to person in my family for info about phones and other tech. I don't own an Apple product at the moment, but I still want to stay in the loop with what they are doing. I know what gets me frustrated is when I come here and see writers just bad mouthing Android devices. I don't come here to troll, but I will call out biased articles when I see them.
  • Like you said some people but you get those extreme people on all sides just waiting to troll something.
  • Can you point out any inaccuracies in this article? Any important features or advantages in the S6 that were omitted?
  • i do as well. Keeping up with all kinds of devices on different operating systems. We must be dumb. We should only know about 1 of our options and stick with it and defend it as if I owe that company something. Likes it's my family.. That's the smart thing to do! Snark Snark Snark. I'm so tired of everyone being lazy and saying why do you care about X if you are Y. People just don't want to learn about things anymore and make educated decisions. I don't get it.
  • Like in a previous comment it is great to know about the other systems it is the trolling that does not make since. If you can't saying something constructive than get of the site. I feel the same way people should know about the other side.
  • look at my previous posts. They are constructive. on this page. I'm not on here saying apple or ios sucks.
  • I was not saying you just some comments people post. Sorry for any confusion. Have a great weekend
  • Because many people who use Android are unbiased and interested in iOS, as well as other platforms.
  • Keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you'll actually believe it. But just to let you know, it's horseshit.
  • I write this stuff because I think someone needs to. As a customer, it's the stuff I want to know.
  • We are passionate people. People will always gripe about something.
  • Heard of digione which complained to court that there products look same as iPhone 6,6plus? Apple didn't innovate anything. And samsung's edges look same as iPhone but the front and back are different. Back is covered by a glass where iPhone has metal. And front side the display, camera all are different. How can tell that they are same? When considering so many differences. I like iPhone but telling people that they just copied iPhone is totally nonsense. Their hardware and software differs a lot to the iPhone.
  • Absolutely. The fact of the matter is Samsung is in the business of copying, period. They lie, cheat, and steal, and consumers are either okay with that, or ignorant to that fact. Please read this article and then ask yourself what you think about a company like Samsung.
  • There is nothing to hate here. The damn phone really does look like an iphone...
  • Sungsam - lying, cheating, thieving bags of barf.
  • I saw one of these (demo model, regular non-curved version) earlier today. Not on my radar at all - even when using Android, I would rather touch piss than use anything with TouchWizz - but have to admit that screen is exceptionally vivid.
  • AMOLED screens are known for their deep blacks and vibrant colors. Their drawbacks have been inaccurate color reproduction (especially on skin tones) and duller whites. It'll be interesting to see how Apple addresses these shortcomings in the Apple Watch, which is assumed to have some sort of OLED display. My guess is that color accuracy is less important on the Watch since viewing photos isn't really its primary use. Meanwhile OLED is perfect on the Watch given its lower power consumption when using a black background and increased readability of text and graphics.
  • Uh, the Galaxy S 6 and Note 4 screens are incredibly well calibrated, easily competing with the iPhone 6
  • Samsung has been working to improve color accuracy, but it was quite terrible for years. Also, do they still depend on having the user manually switch between different screen modes for different applications? (Because that was a ridiculously complex solution for the average user.) I also don't get the point of super high res displays on a smartphone. The human eye can't see the difference at normal viewing distances. This is the same as selling 40" 4K TVs - complete BS marketing since he difference is invisible at normal viewing distances.
  • You are incorrect. Samsung screen on the S5 then note 4 have been the BEST in the industry when they are release. We are talking the best phone display period. Here is the proof. So many here seem not to have. http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note4_ShootOut_1.htm
  • "Color Management with multiple and varying Color Gamuts"
    "Adaptive Display Mode with a Wide Color Gamut, AMOLED Photo Mode with an Adobe RGB Color Gamut, Basic Mode with the Standard sRGB" Who wants to have to manually adjust their color balance every time they want to switch from viewing regular photos, to reading text, or looking at graphics? None of the Galaxy owners I've met even knew this was adjustable. They just assumed it was normal to have oversaturated photos with unrealistic skin tones.
  • "The human eye can't see the difference..". Human vision is analog, not digital. Go compare a 720p, a 1080p and a qHD display and you'll see an improvement as you go up that scale. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • The Note 4 screen is much better than any iphone to date, I own both the Note 4 and iPhone 6, the new SGS6 screen has to be the best screen to date by any phone. The screen on the S6 is absolutely gorgeous. Must be seen to believe. Nothing comes close it's that good.
  • "Viewing photos isn't really its primary use"
    Then why did they build in a photos app in the first place? Seriously, why did they? It's like a 1.5 inch screen.
  • Because it's expected. People will want to be able to view photos on the watch but they probably won't spend a lot of time doing do. And they certainly aren't going to be judging photo quality on the same level as they do on larger screens.
  • And now you have a 2hr battery... Yay Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I say that's one of the most useless feature to have on a watch.
  • If they include it as a first-party app, then they're setting the standard for what a smartwatch app should be. This is just a shrunken-down smartphone app. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Alternatively if you want a great functioning phone that doesn't resemble an iPhone but is still flagship quality there are tons of other Android offerings so I say forget Samsung. Buy Moto. Buy LG. Buy Nexus. Buy Sony, Get-the-hell-over-Sasmung hashtag#iloveimorebutcomeon!
  • Very true, especially a Moto or Nexus but you got to admit Samsung has amazing cameras and those Amoled panels are without a doubt the best displays in the business. Moto and HTC as well as Nexus devices aren't well known for their camera which is mediocre to OK. It has to do with software mostly but nonetheless Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • No doubt Samsung is cutting edge. Personally I like their phones. I don't mind Touchwiz but I like the other Android offerings better.
  • "Amoled panels are without a doubt the best displays in the business. " That's debatable.
  • I think I might go Moto X. I've not had a Moto since OG Droid and I've always liked how different to iPhone they've been. Really temping.
  • I think if I was gonna pull the trigger right this second on a non iphone it would be moto X. They seem the most stable. Less fluff.
  • I'm actually glad that no Android phone manufacturer has come up with anything I consider irresistible, because switching to Android would be a non-starter for me. ;)
  • Ehh that's how I felt about iphone until I was forced into one at work. Now it's Meh... They are all kinda "OK". Sent from the iMore App
  • Gotta love dat moto. Try the Moto X, hook it up to a moto 360 and realize what a smartwatch should really be.
  • You totally should. The smart software features they have put in make it hard to use anything else. That is until I have to take a picture and I know I'm going to have to work way to hard to have it turn out well. I think it would give some interesting perspective though. I would say have someone from Android Central theirs to try for a couple of weeks but I doubt any of them will give theirs up.
  • From someone who always brags how great the iPhone camera is and your choice for an Android device is the Moto-X, arguably the worst camera on any high end device. Not me I also have the Note 4, best camera I've ever used, the new SGS6 has been said to be even better. I might have to get myself the new SGS6 With 128gb of storage. It is IMO the best looking hardware along with the most powerful specs to date. Very exciting device.
  • I would have agreed with you for the S5 but not the S6. I have a nexus 6 and love it but the new S6 finally isn't loaded down with crapware and the skin is now very light. I just would put the google launcher and I'd be done. Would class camera, screen and 2 standards of wifi charging is very impressive.
  • Actually, the S6 has more bloat than any Galaxy before it. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • http://mashable.com/2015/03/28/samsung-galaxy-s6-review/
    "The Galaxy S6 is Samsung's best smartphone ever. It's not because it has great features or a beautiful design (although it definitely has those), but because Samsung finally gets it: Features don't matter as much as the complete package. It's not about what you put into a device, but what you leave out."
  • Still looks very much like a Samsung Galaxy phone, in my opinion. But please continue beating this dead horse yet again.
  • There isn't much of that horse left honestly.
  • Moto somehow always manages to look different. They much use witchcraft or come from another dimension or something. Maybe the Fringe-verse?
  • I wish Apple would copy the 32GB starting storage point and the RAM (even 2GB) from the Galaxy S6/Edge. But you know, those profit margins.
  • Gotta point there.
  • iOS isn't the same as Android. It's an integrated system, runs native, and doesn't garbage collect. That said, 2GB on the iPad Air 2 is some much better I also hope (and suspect) we get 2GB on iPhone 6s. Storage is a complicated subject. They halved the price of 64 MB in part to make up for no 32GB option.
  • Future iPhone price points? 16GB - $299 128GB - $399 256GB - $499
  • I own both the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2. The RAM makes a difference. The storage isn't a complicated subject. Apple did it the way they did to force upsell anyone who wanted more than the measly 16GB starting option. Which in my opinion should not even be a option for a device that starts at $649.
  • Have you ever used Usage Widget for iOS? It shows about 5% free RAM & about 15% inactive upon boot of iPhone 6. I know this doesn't measure the usability of the OS, but apps & Safari pages need more RAM. Period. Apple is in the bad habit of giving us the bare minimum to appease us until next year. I know it's not their business model, but I would LOVE to have nit-picky options like RAM, latest Wi-Fi, storage, NFC, microSD, bigger battery, better camera, etc etc. I know most of those are already checked off the list one year at a time, but you get my point. But I won't give up iOS for those features in an Android phone. Compromise I suppose. Sent from the iMore App
  • Garbage collection. Per http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/11/android-5-0-lollipop-thoroughly-r.... "ART is also better at memory allocation, which reduces the frequency of "jank"—animation stutters—compared to Dalvik. Android occasionally has to do "garbage collection"—basically cleaning and rearranging memory when something needs to load—and everything needs to come to a screeching halt while this is happening. ART has an entirely new garbage collector. It aims to make pauses shorter and less frequent, which should result in fewer dropped animation frames." "ART represents one of the biggest core changes in Android's history. The engine that apps run on has been ripped out and replaced with a faster version. This will, for free, speed up the majority of Android apps. ART is finally ready for prime time and is the default runtime in Lollipop, but that doesn't mean Google is finished with performance improvements. In a Google I/O talk about the new runtime, Google called it "a solid foundation for the future." Hopefully we can expect more improvements down the line." Yes there is still garbage collection but it's much improved. This should not be a deal breaker to use Android. "It's an integrated system" Please elaborate. I could take this definition in many directions. Which are you intending?
  • Hahahahah incoming QQQQQQ. Sent from the iMore App
  • I like to see which troll takes this bait.
  • Don't samsung already use haptic feedback in their phones???? Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes but I think it was a feature most people turned off because of how it was implemented.
  • Yeah, it's not Taptic which is very different technology. It doesn't buzz. It's very precise.
  • "Don't samsung already use haptic feedback " Is it really haptic feedback, or just a generic vibration with a loud clack sound every time you hit a key? Go into an Apple store and play with the touchpad on a new MacBook Pro 15. The clicking effect is completely indistinguishable from the real thing even though it's entirely simulated via haptics. Not only that, but it clicks at two different pressure levels, enabling a range of new touch controls. It's been a while since Apple introduced a feature that was "just like magic." lol. I can't wait to get this on an iPhone and iPad.
  • I don't understand why you don't get Samsung's target with the s6. I'm very tempted to switch back to android with the s6, because of just that, android. I prefer android over iOS, but prefer iPhone 6 plus over all android phones because of the camera and hardware. So switching for me would make perfect sense. And to those who prefers android in general, but just knew that iPhone was king of hardware, up until now? Have to wait and see.
  • Pretty much what I said, though, right? People who want an iPhone but running Android? I'm just not sure how much of a market that is. I guess, with GS6, we'll see.
  • It's exactly what you said...............in the HEADLINE!
    Lol. Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhone users ARE that market. They're targeting the same users as Apple.
  • I'm not gonna hate but come on iOS is so far behind right now it's not funny. It's taken until iOS 8 to get inter app sharing, something that android has been doing for years. So before we bash any other platform let's look at our weaknesses and write accordingly. let's not forget the larger iPhone models are a direct response to the Galaxy s and note line of phones. So as I see it the competition is their and it's making apple develop and make better devices. Now let's hope the competition continues and apple decides to up the ram and fix some of these bugs that have plagued ios8. Sent from the iMore App
  • It is always a leap frog game that is what makes it fun.
  • It took both iOS and Android until now to get to where they are. For example, I won't bash Android for taking this long to get system-wide transitions and animations, something iOS 1 has, because I know how hard architecting for that kind of stuff is after the fact. Both made different choices and it's hard to do everything well. They'll all get there.
  • "iOS is so far behind right now it's not funny. It's taken until iOS 8 to get inter app sharing, something that android has been doing for years. " You do realize that each platform has had strengths and weaknesses that reflect Apple's and Google's respective priorities, right? Apple prioritized ergonomics, security, privacy, fluid interactions, and ease of use over bigger screens, free for all inter-app data sharing, 3rd party keyboards, and high-megapixel cameras with that produce lower quality images. Google is now doing their version of catching up in trying to rein in developers and forcing a new UI convention that is more consistent, fluid, and aesthetically pleasing. Sadly, their business model rules out any improvement in privacy or security.
  • But the article was focused on Samsung, not Android. Sent from the iMore App
  • I rarely ever like Rene's articles, but this is definitely one of his best. Rene, good job with this. I agree with most if not all of your points. Samsung is the only manufacturer on the planet that can compete with Apple at this moment in time, but I don't think they are doing a good job at competing. They are always going to sell millions of devices. They still own Android market share by a lot. Their Galaxy line has produced some really great devices over the past few years, but I feel like they are starting to slow down a little. I might buy a GS6 next month, but even I'm not overly impressed with it; it just so happens to be the best option right now that fits my needs. We as consumers need Samsung or someone else to step up and put pressure on Apple. The last phone to come out that I just HAD to have was the Nexus 5, and that was in late 2013. I want to see some amazing devices in the coming years, whether they are Android, Apple, or Windows.
  • Thanks... I think!
  • Great informative piece. Liked the perspective and never though about putting Samsung on the couch myself. The historical recommendations were my favorite.
  • Something that I notice on The Verge, Techcrunch, and iMore, and other tech sites, is that people like to leave negative comments on Apple articles. I never comment on Android articles. But I read them. And the comments are generally very insightful, technical, and useful. They are very pleasant. If you go to an Apple article, there's always a flame war brewing under the surface. Maybe Apple commenters are more critical because Apple is so successful? Maybe people just hate Apple? Many Apple articles are pro-Apple, but the same can be said of Android articles. Android is successful as well, it's definitely more prevalent than IOS. But the comments on Android articles vs. Apple articles are like night and day. It's really interesting and I'd love to see hear what site mods think about this phenomena. Some big data on commenting would be great too.
  • The reason I comment negatively on Apple-based articles is often because they're sloppily written or incredibly biased, like this one is. This article doesn't point out the strengths of Android, or the fact that the Galaxy S6 is actually a good phone. Why couldn't this article be about someone who wants a Samsung phone, but doesn't want something made by Samsung getting an iPhone?
  • Maybe you didn't actually read the article. But I'll give you a clue: It's not about Android. That's why it doesn't point it out. The premise of the article is very clear in the headline. It's not a review. Why couldn't you just not comment? No need to answer, I know why. Because you're an Apple-hater and you absolutely must comment. The more comments on Apple related news, the more Apple related news there is. Congratulations, you're feeding the Apple news machine. Not by yourself, but you are feeding it.
  • Rene I could write the same article on Android Central. Let me below... That means the only person I can think of recommending an Iphone 6 to is someone who wants an S6, but hates Samsung and Android. Even then, they'd have to really want an S6 without Android or Google. I get the feeling Apple is having the same problem:
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So lets recap. You can't figure out why people would want similar but better hardware with the s6? Better.. Yes.. Better. 1. Better screen. (Quantifiable)
    2. Wifi Charging. (not one but BOTH main standards)
    3. Better Camera (Note 4 is at least as good and wins in blind tests. This is better than that) I'll give you that the rest of the hardware is equal or close. Screen and camera are top 3 reasons next to battery life people want in the phone. I don't know about battery life but camera and screen will be better than the iphone 6. Software we out of the equation because this is hard to argue and Rene thesis is on the hardware side with the loss of removable battery and sd card, and water proofing.
  • Thank you so much. I just typed out a similar comment, actually.
  • I love how Android proponents love to carefully select specific features from specific phones to compare against the iPhone. Where is this super mega Android phone that has the best screen, camera, and other features combined with the iPhone's size, weight, aluminum and glass construction, and price point? Regardless, the hardware is ultimately secondary. As Gruber remarked, if I had to choose between an iPhone running Android or an Android phone running iOS, I would choose the latter without hesitation.
  • Rene asked about the S6 and it hardware features. That is what I talked about above. Nothing else.
  • The thing is that many people actually prefer Android over iOS, like myself.
  • Right, and Rene prefers iOS which is fine and why I took out the OS question. This is a hardware question and this S6 has better hardware. Move up and you'll see my reply.
  • Also you just described the ideal android phone as the galaxy s6.
  • Except that wouldn't be factual. If nothing else, Apple is a focused and linear company. So much so that it's maddening to people. And Apple knows who their customers are, some 75 million last quarter alone. Samsung took away features that mattered to people, they pave over an interface Google's better designers have spent a lot of time on, and they don't design great chips despite being a fab. Maddening. It's almost the reverse of Apple at this point. There are a bunch of Android vendors doing really different, really interesting things. Imagine a world where HTC had Samsung's resources. Maybe write that article?
  • Samsung took away features that mattered to people, like a removable battery, to try to sway people like you over, who supposedly care about form factor and build quality. But apparently, instead of applauding a company for changing the things you complained about and moving in the "right direction," you shit all over it by saying that they aren't linear and that they should have stayed the same. Meanwhile, Apple has created 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhones that are monstrously big compared to the previous generations. Remember their "one hand still rules the screen" thing on their web site from the last time they increased screen size on the iPhone 5? Remember the "Thumbs" ad? As well as just now making iOS much more customizable and open after years of locking it down? These were philosophies that Apple supposedly had, they threw them out the window to please more consumers, and I'm happy for them doing that. But for some reason, you can't be happy for Samsung.
    Rene, you're horribly biased. The number one problem I have with your writing is that you don't see Android on the same level as iOS when you compare/contrast. Whenever there's a tie iOS wins, or whenever Android is the clear winner, that category isn't important anymore.
  • Rene, your viewing this in the way that most won't. Let's use your buddies term of muggles. Muggles aren't looking at this line you rene because they don't know any better. They'll see the s6 and like it more than the iPhone 6 in the store and buy it. They aren't caring about the os. Can they get the apps. Yes. It's it premium. Yes. They buy it. Only techies care about this. Think of your mom. Without you to direct your mom towards apple products she would have went to the store and used it and might go for a s6. This phone will put samsung back on the map. The sales map that is. PS. I have a nexus 6. I love the experience but I can see all the the appeal of it and I recommend it over an iPhone 6. I don't hate apple or ios. It's one of the 2 best platforms with one of the best phones on the market. I think the new s6 edge is better but that won't matter. Samsung brand recognition is about as good as Apples and if they like the feel of the phone they'll buy it instead of an iPhone. Hard to believe but it's true. Think about how Apple has moved from pro users to normals with the software. Samsung will sell way more to normals than die hards who bought because battery or SD card.
  • I think we're WELL into diminishing returns on screen tech now. The iPhone's screen is pixel dense enough to make spotting the pixels impossible unless you glue the phone to your eyeballs. What we're seeing with this screen willy waving now is the same as we saw with compact digital cameras pushing out stupidly high megapixel counts even though it made no difference to the quality of the photo.
  • Rene, here's the issue I have with this article. You act like iOS devices are the supreme race of smartphones, and Android phones are just for filling in the gaps between them. However, Android phones are damn good phones in their own right. I would buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 over an iPhone 6 because I can't take how Apple locks down their phone OS, making it take more time for me to get stuff done fast. The Galaxy S6 isn't trying to fill in gaps between iOS devices, it's competing directly with them. They're going for the same customers. The S6 isn't for people who want an iPhone but hate Apple. It's for people who want an arguably better camera, with a Quad HD display, and customization in the software. If you want to argue about what market a phone is good for, you first have to acknowledge that the phone is good in its market.
  • He obviously believes that iOS is better but lets take that out of the equation. From a hardware perspective the S6 is clearly better. Samsung is looking to take a few people from Apple and keep anyone would would have switched to Apple. Plain and simple. People who want removable storage and water proofing will see the s6, feel it, use it, and make the decision if maybe they change their mind and get the s6 anyway. Samsung is hoping to win over the existing customers and the amount they loose they hope to pull from Apple and other Android vendors. Many who bought the HTC M8 or M7 will see just how good this phone is.
  • I don't think it matters. At CES this year a Samsung VP kept telling me Taizen was the future. If GS7 runs Taizen, would it change anything for you?
  • For me, personally, yes. I want to be able to customize my device and have the developer army, and accessory support (Pebble, Android Wear etc.) that Android has. It would definitely change my opinions on the phone.
  • What is the saying. Actions speak louder than words. Samsung been talking up Tizen for years. Only one phone and a watch. ACTIONS.. ACTIONS.
  • As an Android user Samsung still makes the best cameras of Android phones.
    And this is probably the best Android camera now. Now if your question is why would you recommend this over an IPhone... I'll give my current quandry... $ . its not just $ of the this phone, but money to be spent on your next phone and also possible replacement phones. (Sorry for the novel). But last year my phone died ...not wanting to wait till October for the new IPhone I grabbed one of those crazy Moto X deals ,$250 no contract. (Its a GREAT phone minus the camera.) Hope that makes a little sense.
    But if you wanted the best Android camera, you get the GS6 in 6-8 months when the price is slashed...Now don't get me wrong...there's no way to put that in a "Next Big thing" ad.
  • Meh... Personally I'd rather have a Note 4 than that thing. The stylus is mainly what makes it interesting to me. I know I'd be writing and drawing on the screen with it all the time.
  • And with all those GS6 high specs, the iPhone 6 is right there with it in most benchmarks.
  • Your talking about only thing. This has better screen, camera, and the edge looks better than the iPhone 6.
  • That's your opinion though. Personally, I think the iPhone 6 & 6+ cameras are still better. The edge design is cool, but not enough for me to drop my 6+ for it. Samsungs displays are gorgeous, I'll agree with u on that, but still it's not enough.
  • This is definitely an interesting viewpoint on the S6. This is something I value about you Rene because you look at parts of the tech world differently than I would. Being in retail, it is important to understand why a product is better for a specific person based upon their wants and needs. I have always personally viewed the Samsung devices as great devices but lacking the uniqueness of others. Everything about them was meant to be satisfying to as many people as possible. "The company doesn't know who their customer is any more than I do." Their customer is the person I sell 90% of my devices to. They don't care that it may look like another device or have similar features. They care that it does everything their previous device did better and it has something to wow their friends. It is very similar to the customer I see that comes in for an iPhone actually. "I'm sure the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will garner favorable reviews from mainstream outlets." Isn't that what they want? This phone seems to correct all the negative remarks from the mainstream outlets from the past. The physical design is no longer cheap shiny plastic but instead a fusion of glass and metal. Touchwiz has been toned down, no more bleeps and bloops. The biggest improvement is something that has plagued all Android phones - the camera. This may be playing catch-up to the iPhone but this is a step ahead of its Android competitors. Apple did some amazing things with TouchID and we should want it on every phone. Swiping doesn't work well enough so this is the way it should be done. I just wish everyone would locate the sensor like Huawei did on the back to decrease the botttom bezel. And I think SamsungPay is a big deal here in the US whose adoption of NFC and EMV is glacially slow. I just received a new credit card from USAA yesterday and it did not have a chip on it. I am paranoid about credit card skimmers and this is going to keep me from using this card as much. NFC is even more difficult because so many retailers are under contract with CurrentC. My only reasonable options are Mcdonalds and a shady party store a couple of blocks away. Being able to have the security of a tokenized payment at virtually any terminal is a big step for me. So is supporting both standards of wireless charging. Now I can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks and get a quick charge on my phone without plugging in. There is plenty for the iPhone to catch up and improve on. I'm sorry this is long and that it seems shaded towards the S6. That being said, if you remove the SamsungPay and I had the choice between an iPhone 6 and a S6 I would probably choose the iPhone 6 because how it fits in the hand better. I know I will end up with something else though because neither one completes my needs and sparks a desire. If only some of those Chinese manufacturers would work with AT&T's LTE...
  • An iPhone with a back button, a better camera and without the limitations of IOS? Sign me up!
  • Oh and a payment system that will be much much more widely usable.
  • And don't forget that Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.
  • I don't see the similarity other than being thin Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Thanks Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Life is great when all we do is b!&ch about stuff like this. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The S6 and iPhone 6 are very similar but both have their own advantages. So couldn't you just say the same thing about the iPhone? Also one big differentiator I think could be Samsung Pay, which will have MST
  • Say what you want about the guy, but he knows how to get the comments flowing :) Sent from the iMore App
  • "Instead of an iPhone 6 design complete with Touch ID and Apple Pay, they should have features that terrify Apple and make all of us in the media wonder out loud how Apple will respond to them" That "complete with ApplePay" part bugs me. I was making NFC payments in 2012 with my Galaxy S3. Yes, most of the US carriers crippled or disabled Google Wallet, but it existed and was being used. And nobody cared. Fast forward to 2014, and Apple releases Apple Pay. And now you and a long line of media outlets are claiming that Samsung is copying Apple! (and no mention of Samsung's compatibility with mag-strip readers, still ubiquitous in the US). And now we have a problem: Samsung could stuff the GS6 with innovative features, but nobody outside of the tech world is going to notice until Apple does it too. They make the Galaxy Note (in 2011!) and it sells well, but not much fanfare. Three years later, Apple makes the 6 Plus, and it's literally national news. Samsung makes a smartwatch (2013), no big deal. Apple makes a smartwatch, and suddenly the world takes notice, and all future smart watches become a "response to Apple". So Samsung decides to change the focus from features to design (and gets accused of copying).
  • Surely the market for the S6 is a mix of previous Galaxy owners looking for an upgrade, and for people who want a premium Android phone. Plus journalists have been moaning for many years now that Samsung skimp on build quality, Well here you go, they're not skimping any more.
  • I don't care what Samsung does. I bought an iPhone. I'm happy with it. I have no problem with Samsung phones. If you want it buy it and be happy. I like this phone more than the last model.
  • Rene: This is dishonest. It really is. We know perfectly well that Android phones have features that Apple phones lack - both in hardware and software. This has been the case for years. The issue is that Apple supporters such as yourself either ignore those features or claim that they are unnecessary, make the device too complicated, or are gimmicks desperately attempting to show an ability to differentiate or innovate. That is ... until Apple adds those same features, sometimes 2 or 3 years later. And when that happens the response from the Apple crowd is: A) to deny that the feature existed in Android prior
    B) to deny that the feature was important (until now)
    C) to claim that the feature was poorly conceived/implemented until Apple came along and did it right and made it relevant (the whole "Apple wasn't first with the MP3 player/smart phone/tablet" thing either). And C) is the worst one. TENS OR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Android fans using those features is totally irrelevant: only Apple "does it right" and "makes it relevant." And the upshot is that even if the S6, Moto X, Nexus, Asus Zenfone, ZT3 Grand S3, Huawei Honor, LG G4, HTC M9 etc. did have hardware and software features that the iPhone 6 lacks (and they all do by the way) it would not matter: you guys will not acknowledge them until Apple puts those features in their phones - and they will - in 2016 or 2017. And when Samsung and the rest put features in the iPhone 6 in their phones in 2015 and 2016, your team will respond with, well. columns like this. So there are tons of reasons to choose an S6 - or for that matter any other Android premium or even a great many mid range phones with decent RAM, CPU, camera and display and yes a lot of them exist - over the iPhone 6. Those reasons are why hundreds of millions of Android phones are bought annually by people who could afford an iPhone if they wanted one (meaning that those people are not merely Apple haters). And folks like you ignore them -or at least pretend to - just like you always have.
  • The tenor of this reply, and others above it, remind me of the old Smothers Brothers routines - "Mom always loved you more!" or Rodney Dangerfield - "I get no respect, I tell ya!" These are no win arguments. We suffer the same fate over in Windows land - the Surface Pro 3 is vastly superior to a MacBook AIr/Pro with iPad combo, yet it can hardly garner pencil lead, much less ink, among tech journalists. Railing against the gale force wind isn't the answer, mountainous sales of our "superior" devices is all that will matter in the end. Unfortunately. Apple will always suck all of the oxygen out of the room, just like a BMW or Mercedes dominates a parking lot full of GM's, Fords, and Toyotas...
  • The issue is not Apple sucking the room out of the air. The issue is the tech media. And that is because the tech media personally likes Apple devices, and have for years. They did even when Microsoft was dominant. Now that their own devices are dominating, they are doing their best to keep it that way.
  • There is one area Samsung could, and should, press hard - the Galaxy Note Edge curved screen design. On the S6, it is little more than a decorative feature. On the Edge, it is a truly useful second screen to relieve your main screen of "action" items, whether they be notifications, menu choices, or software controls. Some see it as a gimmick, but in reality it clears screen clutter and adds to usability - for example, the camera controls are so much easier to deal with on that edge than trying to hit a target on the screen.
  • If they don't like Apple.... Why would they be reading this? Sent from the iMore App
  • Damn right on all points. Samsung can actually make some neat stuff when they experiment– like those weird, but interesting Curve screens.
  • Rene is right,S6 does look like iPhone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • Rene is right...galaxy s6 looks like iphone 6....but iphone 6 looks like a bigger version of old ipod touch and they say its a new design...i dont think so.......the iphone 5 nd 5s had a different look and feel...but the 6 is just the same old ipod touch....
  • People who buy HTC One M8 knockoffs shouldn't throw stones.
  • Just when I thought the Samsung copies Apple stories were over. Guess we can expect another when the phone releases?
  • Personally I actually like the new Samsung Galaxy S6. It's a big step in the right direction for Samsung. I'm seriously considering giving it a try when I upgrade in January. I might wait for the iPhone 7. I'll must likely end up having both iOS and Android so I can have the best of both worlds.
  • La mise à jour est important, car il donne des sites la possibilité d'envoyer de notifications aux appareils, même si le navigateur de Chrome n'est pas en cours d'exécution.