Iphone Se 3 Dummy UnitsSource: CoverPigtou.it

What you need to know

  • New images claim to show 3D-printed iPhone SE 3 dummy units.
  • The dummies in the photos don't appear to have a Home button despite expectations that the refreshed iPhone SE will have one.
  • The volume buttons and SIM tray location match the current iPhone SE.

Apple is widely expected to announce a new iPhone SE within the next few months and now new images and video show what is said to be 3D-printed dummy units.

Shared by CoverPigtou.it, the images show what the report claims are 3D-printed dummy versions of the device that will be announced some time in March or April. From the back, the photos show devices that look very much like the current iPhone SE, including the single camera.

It's around the front where things start to get messy, however. As the report notes, the lack of any Home button is a concern when these kinds of dummy units normally have such things in place. We've heard rumors of a plan to switch from the current iPhone SE design to something more akin to an iPhone XR, but that isn't set to happen until 2024. Renders based on that design have also appeared online, too.

As for this latest round of images, it appears to almost be an amalgamation of the old Home button design and the new iPhone XR design in some ways.

The front brings another uncertainties, other rumors suggest that the front will be exactly the same as iPhone SE 2020, with massive chin and forehead, and touch ID button. However, this dummy doesn't have touch ID button, and such dummies usually come with all buttons in place. We're currently not sure about size of bezels or notch.

That's just one of a few reasons to doubt these images, but it's impossible to know for sure one way or another right now. Maybe we'll just need to wait for Apple's big unveiling, likely during a virtual event that could also see the arrival of a new iPad Air, too.

Take these with a pinch of salt for now, at least until we see more corroborating evidence from a more well-known source.