iFund Bingo

Way back in March at the iPhone SDK Roadmap Event, Steve Jobs brought a little company up on stage called Kleiner Perkins and, more importantly, he brought out Kleiner Perkin's wallet and waved a nice, crisp $100,000,000 dollar bill in developers' faces: the iFund.

Well, it's been a while but it looks like some developers are finally getting a taste of all that green!

First out the gate is Pelago, developers of Whrll, which mashes up map data with -- you guessed it! -- social network-style location based data from you, your friends, and your network:

Say you're lost in Las Vegas and need a restaurant recommendation. With iPhone in hand, you can scan the locations of nearby restaurants, just Italian restaurants, or just those recommended by foodie friends.

Everyone (including us!) is saying location-based services could be the next big gold mine for companies like Google, and every start-up and their venture capitalist want to stake a claim and strike it rich.

Apple seems to think so too. Pelago has reportedly set up shop near Infinite Loop, is working with Apple to become a featured app, and has their fingers crossed for more.


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