iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount Reality Review

In these tumultuous times you need some sort of protector; the kind that will prevent your iPhone from flying off the seat to who knows where. What kind of protector is here to save the day? The iGrip cigarette lighter mount of course! [$19.95 - TiPb store link]

This handy mount plugs right into your existing A/C power or cigarette lighter plug. The iGrip does not charge your iPhone, rather it is a holder so you can keep the iPhone at hands-reach easily (base don car model). For me, the iGrip has worked really well. I always have my iPhone a hands-reach away, and the iGrip makes it that much easier.

The holder does an excellent job of keeping the iPhone in place while not making it difficult to remove. Say, you get a call on the road. The last thing you want to do is have a challenge removing the iPhone from the mount. Instead iGrip has developed a way in which the iPhone simply slides, or rests in place and is kept from moving by a flexible "hook" on the top left of the device. This hook is made from soft plastic and moves out of the way when you remove the iPhone. This works really well as there is no where for the iPhone to snap into place, it "rests" in place instead.

iGrip - 5

In my trials of using the iGrip mount,  I only came across two issues: 1) The mount's close proximity to my gear shifter made it difficult shifting (yes, even in an automatic). This is not the holder's fault, but something to keep in mind before purchase- where are you going to place this thing and will it work in the location that you find? And 2) Once the mount is in place, it really, really does not want to come out. You have to exert a sizable amount to remove the iGrip from the clutches of the cigarette adapter.

Overall I could not be happier with the iGrip 3G mount. Of course, part of me would like the same setup with power, but it would ruin the simplicity of this configuration as you would not be able to quickly remove the iPhone like you can now. If you are looking for a simple but effective iPhone holder for your car, take a look at the iGrip.

For more information, check out the TiPb iPhone Accessory store...


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