iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount Reality Review

In these tumultuous times you need some sort of protector; the kind that will prevent your iPhone from flying off the seat to who knows where. What kind of protector is here to save the day? The iGrip cigarette lighter mount of course! [$19.95 - TiPb store link]

This handy mount plugs right into your existing A/C power or cigarette lighter plug. The iGrip does not charge your iPhone, rather it is a holder so you can keep the iPhone at hands-reach easily (base don car model). For me, the iGrip has worked really well. I always have my iPhone a hands-reach away, and the iGrip makes it that much easier.

The holder does an excellent job of keeping the iPhone in place while not making it difficult to remove. Say, you get a call on the road. The last thing you want to do is have a challenge removing the iPhone from the mount. Instead iGrip has developed a way in which the iPhone simply slides, or rests in place and is kept from moving by a flexible "hook" on the top left of the device. This hook is made from soft plastic and moves out of the way when you remove the iPhone. This works really well as there is no where for the iPhone to snap into place, it "rests" in place instead.

iGrip - 5

In my trials of using the iGrip mount,  I only came across two issues: 1) The mount's close proximity to my gear shifter made it difficult shifting (yes, even in an automatic). This is not the holder's fault, but something to keep in mind before purchase- where are you going to place this thing and will it work in the location that you find? And 2) Once the mount is in place, it really, really does not want to come out. You have to exert a sizable amount to remove the iGrip from the clutches of the cigarette adapter.

Overall I could not be happier with the iGrip 3G mount. Of course, part of me would like the same setup with power, but it would ruin the simplicity of this configuration as you would not be able to quickly remove the iPhone like you can now. If you are looking for a simple but effective iPhone holder for your car, take a look at the iGrip.

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  • Kind of useless if it doesn't charge it during navigation. Especially for cars with only one 12V power outlet.
  • If it charged iPhone I would be all about it. Until until then I'll pass.
  • Why bother with the lighter if it's not going to charge? Fail!
  • Go with Kensington Car Charger Deluxe. I found mine on ebay for about $20 and works great. http://us.kensington.com/html/14486.html
  • I would never pay $20 for a car mount that doesn't charge the phone, takes up a power outlet, can't do landscape mode, can't hold an iPhone with a case, and so on. This mount doesn't actually do anything. It props up the phone? That's not really a feature. If you are that crazy that you must answer your phone IMMEDIATELY, even while driving, just put the frigging phone in your lap or the passenger seat. There are so many mounts that can do so much more than this one, so I can't understand why this gets a review at all, especially such a positive one.
  • I agree, no charge, no buy. Also, does it flex? My lighter is in the center console. Not sure I would want this thing stickin straight up forming a small "table" in the center of my car....
  • "he mount’s close proximity to my gear shifter made it difficult shifting (yes, even in an automatic). This is not the holder’s fault."
    No, you're right, it is the car manufacturer's fault. I know you sell these things in your online store, but come on, this pathetic shilling for a useless product (that plugs into the lighter port but doesn't charge the iPhone) is weak.
    I have an iPhone holder that doesn't get in the way of shifting, slides in and out easily, and also doesn't charge the phone, it's called the breast pocket in my shirt.
  • Agreed. Takes up the charging socket. How do I plug my car charger in and use this at the same time? I don't it's a fail.
  • Its a good idea if it charged at the same time! WTF?
  • Not to mention it looks cheap and break after couple uses...
  • Yeah, great! Now maybe they could invent something so I can charge it off the glove compartment!
  • I hate to be criical but like the others have said, for this device to take up the cigarette lighter jack and NOT provide power to the iPhone is simply inexcusable. This looks like a product that was designed by a couple high school students on weekends who have no backing and no knowledge of electronics.
    If they gave this away it would be useless to me since I only have one cigarette lighter jack in my car. I'm scratching my head how this got a positive review...
  • BIG FAIL !!!
  • Uhhh... mounts that charge the iPhone are usually between $40 and $50 minimum... not $20. It plugs into the lighter socket for stability while keeping the price low. :roll:
    I have the "cup holder" iGrip mount and love it, but I'm not sure if they still make it. The charger plugs in just inches behind it on the console (can't even see the cord). I don't use a case but I could while still using the mount... and it turns landscape also (but I already have a GPS).
  • Love the bracelet, Guido. :)
  • This is dumb! Just buy one that actually charges it or mounts to the windshield. I got a windshield mount for 5 bucks! 20 for the same thing? No thanks
  • Sadly this doesn't work for me because the idiots who designed my car put the power plug near the floor on the passenger side of the center console. WTF? I had to get a windshield mount instead.
  • I have the perfect mount...my lap (or crotch LOL)
    but it's still kinda cool. in my car it'd keep right where it would plug into the aux port of my stereo and no one would see the cord...
    shame it doesn't charge, but i guess it's just 20 bux right?
  • Useless.
    Why even bother without charging?
    Strikes me as something you'd see on a late-night infomercial.
    Snuggie anyone?
    Where's Billy Mays?
  • I'm speechless. You better have a Patent for that great Invention.
  • @Jimmy
    checked out that Kesington mount. Talk about Fugly!!!
    This one doesn't look any better either.
  • My state is introducing new laws restricting drivers from touching a phone/gps unless it is in a manufactured mount, this could be a solution if it could had recharge.
    It does make me wonder how the manufacturer could pass this design, not only does it not recharge your iPhone, but it actually prevents it unless you have more than one outlet.
  • @Jimmy: that Kensington mount (http://us.kensington.com/html/14486.html)is a ridiculously ugly 1980's design from a freshman design student.
    "Overall I could not be happier with the iGrip 3G mount." Yeah right, like we really believe that. Huge fail for a $20 mount that doesn't even charge.
    I'll pass on both.
  • My god That other suggestion the Kinsington mount would have to be the ugliest thing I've seen all year, Nope nope lets make that all decade. I like the idea of mounting it via the lighter as I never use it so its a perfect idea except it needs to beable to move away from the gearstick more, needs to also recharge the phone. so close but no sale.