iKlenz vs. eScreen: Battle for the best iPhone and iPad cleaning solution!

"Both iKlenz and eScreen removed fingerprints, smudges, oil, and grime with a minimum of effort and left my iPhone and iPad with clean, clear, gorgeous-looking screens."

Whether you're rocking an iPhone 4S or iPad 2, or a previous generation iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, there's just no getting around one simple truth -- they're fingerprint magnets. What's more, since fingerprints come with oil, food, dirt, and who-knows-what-other substances all over them, you're device's screen can often turn into a sticky, icky mess. Enter iKlenz cleaning solition and eScreen flat panel cleaner, both contenders to the title of best iOS device cleaning solution. But which one is the best?

iKlenz and eScreen are specially engineered cleaning solutions for exactly the types of large, glass displays found on iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and other, similar gadgets. (Including your computer's display.) These aren't glass cleaners either, and eScreen, for example, states that it's ecofriendly and silicone, ammonia and alcohol free, so you don't have to worry about it damaging the oleophobic (oil repelling) coating of your iPhone or iPad. iKlenz also says it works as a disinfectant to destroy bacteria and germs.

Both come in small squirt bottles so they're easy to store or even carry around with you, and both iKlenz and eScreen include micro-fiber cloths, though eScreen's is both larger and more plush. eScreen also comes with a nice cloth carrying pouch while iKlenz comes in a cardboard box.

To put them to the test, literally side-by-side, I dirtied up my iPhone 4S as best as possible -- fingerprints galore! -- and then divided the screen right down the middle. I applied 2 squirts of iklenz on one side and 2 squirts of eScreen on the other, and then compared how many wipes it took to get each side spotless, and the quality of the cleaning when it was done.

Both iKlenz and eScreen come with micro-fiber cloths, though eScreens is bigger and more plush

The good

  • Cleans better than a dry cloth
  • Dries faster and is safer to use than a damp cloth
  • Provides better, streak-free, finish
  • Includes micro-fiber cloth

The bad

  • More expensive than plain cloth

The bottom line

In my tests, iKlenz and eScreen performed equally well. Both iKlenz and eScreen removed fingerprints, smudges, oil, and grime with a minimum of effort and left my iPhone and iPad with clean, clear, gorgeous-looking screens. The full retail price for both is also the same (though at the time of this writing the iMore Store is offering a better sale price on eScreen).

So it comes down to the extras to break the tie, and with a bigger, softer micro-fiber cloth and the bonus carrying pouch, this time eScreen comes away with the win and the title. eScreen is currently the best cleaning solution for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iKlenz - $14.95 - Buy now

eScreen - $17.95 - Buy now


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