The iKlip A/V mount makes your iPhone into a wireless broadcaster

IK Multimedia, a company specializing in portable audio and music accessories, announced today that its iKlip A/V broadcast mount is shipping to users around the world.

iKlip A/V

At first glance, the A/V seems like a solution that should have been here years ago: a one hand-friendly iPhone mount that allows for an XLR microphone —wired or wireless — to plug into it. This allows users to record themselves, or others, with professional-sounding audio to go along with the iPhone's excellent and versatile video broadcasting capabilities.

The unit has a spring-mounted expandable smartphone bracket that screws into a camera mount, which doubles as a tripod mount as well. The XLR input also supports Phantom Power via two AA batteries for microphones that need additional juice to run properly. Gain is handled on the device itself through a handle toggle.

While the product isn't necessarily aimed at the average Periscope or Facebook Live fan, iKlip's A/V will certainly appeal to independent journalists who want to be able to provide studio-quality live broadcasts without carrying additional equipment. The iKlip A/V retails for $179.99.

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Daniel Bader

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