I'm absolutely here for a new iPad mini and you should be too

iPad Air 4 backside
iPad Air 4 backside (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore )

Today saw the return of rumors relating to Apple's iPad mini and I am absolutely here for them. Rumors of a redesigned iPad mini aren't new — but with this round, it seems more real than ever. And, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, it's coming this fall.

The iPad mini has always been my most favorite of iPads, even if I can't quite articulate why that is most of the time. Those who know me will point to my unusually small hands as the reason wielding a big boy iPad isn't my cup of tea, but that's not it. It's just cute and portable and lovely. I really dig an iPad mini, and I can't wait to be able to recommend one again. And probably buy one again, too.

Recommending anyone buy an iPad mini hasn't been easy of late. It was last refreshed in 2019 which means it's using a relatively old chip inside. It's speedy, sure, but it isn't competing with the best Apple silicon that's around in 2021. I'm hoping that'll be fixed soon enough.

Ipad Mini 6 Render Front Back Scaled

Ipad Mini 6 Render Front Back Scaled (Image credit: Jon Prosser / FrontPageTech)

More importantly for many, the iPad mini refresh is set to make it look like a modern iPad again. An iPad Air-like design and the removal of the Home button will see to that. Smaller bezels will hopefully allow for a slightly larger screen without making the device any larger, too. Or make the chassis smaller — either way, I think I'll take it. Throw in some funky colors and Apple will have a winner.

One thing that Apple got right in 2019 was the addition of Apple Pencil support and this new design could make the iPad mini the single best note-taking device ever made. Sure, other iPads support Apple Pencil, but they're just so big. And yes, the old iPad mini supported it too but, well, look at it. There's a big circle at the bottom of the screen taking up valuable space. It'd be nice to get support for the second generation of Apple Pencil as well, but we can't get too greedy now, can we?

No, a new iPad mini is the kind of thing that should be in every school bag and every business suitcase. Hopefully Apple can keep the price to a point that makes that viable, too.

Still need something bigger? That new iPad Air is sweet — and there are some great iPad Air deals to be had.

Oliver Haslam

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  • I’m absolutely not here for any more articles that use the phrase “I’m (absolutely) here for (xyz)”. The phrase is overused and nonsensical. That said, yes I would like a new, redesigned iPad Mini too.
  • I’m still using an iPad mini 4. With ForeScore I play in a Brass band and worship team and sing in a choir. It’s the perfect size to hold in place, while juggling other items. Mini 6? I’ll take it!
  • "I'm absolutely here for a new iPad mini and you should be too" - Why SHOULD others?
  • I started using an iPad mini as a semi-dedicated ereader a couple years ago and have found it to be almost ideal. The Books experience is pretty good and News works great on the small screen. My only real complaint is that the body is just a tiny bit large for one-handed use. If Apple makes it a little lighter or shrinks the overall dimensions just a smidge, I’ll be very happy.
  • I would love if apple made an iPad mini pro. I think they have neglected the mini for years and could be a big seller for them if they added more “pro features”
  • Until Apple makes major changes to iPadOS i'm not upgrading. I had the ipad mini 4 for 4 years and now have the ipad mini 5. I only upgraded because I needed more storage. Apple removing the bezels wont get me excited to upgrade. Spend some time on iPadOS Apple, make the iPad worth the money spent.
  • I've been waiting for this. I do everything on my mini. It's my book reader, web browser and most importantly, it's my handwritten notes tablet. I don't like to type my notes and lists, I prefer to write them and the form factor of the mini works best for that function. My Mini 5 isn't holding a charge like it once did, and the pen input isn't as smooth as it is with the Pros or the new Airs since it still uses the 1st generation pencil, so I've been waiting for this for a while. I'll be happy if it's similar to an Air but at 8 inches or less.
  • No, you are not here. You are there.