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The last two Fridays have seen Apple do away with two products. First, it was iMac Pro going the way of the dodo. Last week, Apple said it was time to say goodbye to HomePod. Do two Fridays make a pattern? What will Apple kill off this week?

There's no guarantee that Apple will be rid of a product this week of course, but if it is clearing the decks for whatever reason and I was working on Apple TV, I think I'd be looking over my shoulder.

Some rumors have Apple getting ready to refresh Apple TV as soon as next week. But what will that actually look like? Plenty of us have been expecting Apple to turn Apple TV into some sort of streaming stick like Amazon's Fire Stick. Maybe Google's Chromecast? Whichever approach Apple takes, will there be an Apple TV as we know it today as of next week? And if it survives Friday, will it survive the supposed March 23 event?

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Apple TV isn't the only product Apple could be rid of, though. The current Mac Pro is surely on its last legs, although that's more likely to see some sort of Apple silicon-powered refresh than Death's scythe.

Apple Watch Series 3 has Apple Watch SE looking over it, so that's a product that could die and not be missed by too many people. iPad mini is long overdue a refresh, could it be put out of its misery? That's another product that has been rumored to have a refresh in the works, but remember – rumors don't mean products.

Or Apple could just let this Friday come and go without killing anything at all. But where's the fun in that?

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