Welcome to iMore

iPhone and iPad are the first mainstream mobile platforms -- of geeks and for geeks but not only geeks. Apple and Steve Jobs worked relentlessly to make computing more mainstream and more accessible, and they've succeeded. For some, iPhones and iPads are still the traditional mobile devices -- letting us stay in touch and get things done on to go. But they're also more -- they let us do everything from gaming to photography to music to medicine in ways never before possible. Because of that, beyond simply buying a phone or learning how to use a tablet, our community has grown to encompass so much more.

From concept to realization to rapid expansion, as Apple announced the iPhone, as they made it manifest, as they added iPod touch, Apple TV, and iPad to the iOS family, we've grown from Phone different to theiPhoneblog to TiPb. We've endeavored to bring you what you care about -- news, reviews, how-tos, apps, accessories, podcasts, videos. Everything.

But just like iPhone OS evolved to iOS to better reflect it's growing community, it's time for TiPb.com to evolve again to better reflect ours.Same team, same Mobile Nations network, only more.

You've seen some of that already. In addition to our flagship iPhone and iPad Live podcasts, shows that have always brought you the very best news and industry opinion, we've added Iterate for mobile designers, ZENandTECH to help center our inner geeks, Stock Talk and Enterprise for those in the markets and in IT, and we have more great new shows to come. We've started running developer spotlights, like DVD extras for the apps you love, and our Weekly Mods that show you how to change batteries, cameras, screens, and fix your own gadgets, and we have more great columns to come. We've started new iPhone and iPad in action forums, so you can discuss and get help with everything from videography to eBook reading to food spotting, and much, much more.

Steve Jobs believed that Apple stood at the crossroads of technology and liberal arts. We believe our community stands right there with them. More than technology, more than devices, we've come to lead mobile lives. We've come to do and need more. And with this new, faster, lighter, and more flexible site design, and more encompassing and meaningful name, we're going to bring you even more. More news, more reviews, more how-tos, more apps, more accessories, more shows. More everything.