iMore reader of the month for January 2012iMore isn't just a website, it's a community fueled by millions of people who comment on the stories, give and get help on the iPhone and iPad forums, and join us each and every month in discovering great new ways to enjoy our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. With almost 4,000 forum posts to his credit, Steve (aka BLiNK) is exactly that kind of super engaged, incredibly helpful, truly awesome iMore community member. He's also our very first reader spotlight!

But enough from us, let's let Steve do the talking.

So, tell us a little about yourself?

Hy my name is Steve. California native currently living in the Midwest, I miss the beach. I am an estimator for a disaster restoration/construction co. so our fortune is due to someone else's misfortune. I like mountain biking, sports, concerts, listening to music and hanging with the family. I hope to move back to Cali in the next year or two, so fingers crossed for that!

How long have you been an iPhone or iPad user?

I have been an iphone user for about 3 years now. Previously was a BlackBerry user and never thought I would leave. My first iDevice was the iPhone 3G

What brought you to iOS?

At the time I had an upgrade coming due so naturally I was testing the waters to see if there actually was anything better than my BlackBerry. After reading forums and comments about the iPhone the consensus was it was more of a gimmicky device but I went ahead and made the jump anyways. Very glad I did!

What brought you to iMore?

Coming from I was looking for another reputable site/forum to join and at the time TiPb -- now iMore -- was the perfect fit for me, still is. I have made a lot of friends and there are a lot of helpful members here. All the things what a forum/community should be, plus excellent and up to date news. Thanks to all that make this work.

What are your favorite apps?

Typically I jailbreak my device so I have a lot of favorites from Cydia but assuming we're talking App store I would have to say some of my most used would be:

What are your favorite accessories?

I am not a big fan of cases so I am "naked" for the most part. In regards to other accessories I guess I have not really taken the time to dabble like most.

What are you most looking forward to from Apple in the future?

I am really looking forward to the next iPhone since I skipped the iPhone 4S in hopes of a design change. Also, I will be buying my first iPad this year (iPad 3) so I am pretty stoked about that and if everything goes well a MacBook also. Then the ecosystem will be complete!

Thanks Steven!

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