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Working on your posture is harder than it sounds. Despite the plethora of advice and encouragement you've likely received from your doctor or concerned family members, traditional methods to improve your posture always seem to lead more to pain than gain, and it's not unlikely that you've already resigned yourself to a life of uncomfortable and unhealthy slumping.

But that would be a big mistake, given the fact that improving your posture can lead to a much healthier and productive lifestyle (not to mention the fact that it can add a couple of much-needed inches to your perceived height).

Enter the UPRIGHT GO 2, which makes it easier than ever to improve your posture in just two weeks for just $89.99.Source: Stack Commerce

Unlike competing apps that simply offer bland reminders that you should sit up straight, this comprehensive training device comes with a specialized gadget that fits comfortably on your spine and vibrates every time you slouch—making it easy to correct your posture in real-time.

It also comes with a free companion app that tracks your stats and builds a personalized posture plan based on your progress and goals, and it's easy to wear the device and track your movements for extended periods of time thanks to a whopping 30 hours of battery life.

You also have the option of either wearing your UPRIGHT directly on your skin using the included hypoallergenic adhesive strips, or connecting to the UPRIGHT necklace (sold separately) that offers a uniquely stylish way to keep your spine straight all day.

Improve your mental and physical health by correcting your posture with the UPRIGHT GO 2—available for 9% off at just $89.99 today.Source: Stack Commerce

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