When you spend hours at a time on your computer, it's easy to develop a sedentary lifestyle. If you don't move your body around enough, you can develop tons of problems, from an increased risk of heart disease all the way to depression and anxiety. A standing desk is an easy way to sneak some passive exercise into your daily routine, and today you can save big on this Halter Height-Adjustable Desk when you shop via Amazon. It normally costs $100, but today's sale dropped the Cherry version down to just $55.99. Though that isn't the best price we've ever seen for the item, it does come close to the historic low. Shipping is free.

Get Comfy

Halter ED-257 Preassembled Height Adjustable Sit/Stand desktop

Whether you want to sit down or stand up, this adjustable desk can handle it. It's easy to use, easy to assemble, and on sale for close to its best-ever price. Reviews are overall positive as well. Add it to your office at a discount while you can.

$55.99 $99.99 $44 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Unlike many similar products, this desk comes preassembled, which means you'll be able to start using it as soon as you take it out of the box. This elevating desktop essentially sits on top of your existing desk or workspace, transforming a stationary desk into one that can rise. To adjust its height, simply squeeze the handles. It has a pneumatic system similar to a desk chair that allows you to easily adjust the desk as needed.

The desktop itself has space for two monitors, or a monitor, laptop, and keyboard, or basically whatever system you're using. There's a built-in cutout for cable management as well, and if you don't want to take up space on the desk with your keyboard, the optional keyboard tray will help you out. Your purchase is backed up by plenty of positive customer reviews as well as a two-year warranty.

While you're outfitting your office with items that can benefit you in the long term, you might want to add something like this anti-fatigue mat to your cart. Standing is good for you, but it's not always the most comfortable way to work. A good thick comfort mat can make a huge difference and encourage you to stand up for longer periods of time. This version is on sale for a limited time.

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