IMStick is a fun way to mount your iPhone: Kickstarter preview

IMStick is a small magnetic disc with long, rubber-coated wire sticks attached to it. It doesn't seem like much, but it's surprisingly versatile and really strong. I was able to get my hands on one at CES 2019 and fell in love with it.

$21 at Kickstarter

The IMStick uses eight neodymium magnets to lock your phone to its base. Of course, you'll need a metal plate to attach it to, which does come with the IMStick.

IMStick magnetic phone mounted to a bike

It also has a threaded hole that is the same size as standard tripod mounts and bike mounts, so you can use it for your BMX YouTube channel.

I don't normally write about Kickstarter campaigns, mainly because you never know if you're going to get what you paid for (I've been burned a few times). But, I just love my IMStick so much that I wanted to share my joy with you.

I use it a lot to hide the mount while I take pictures of my iPhone in various positions. It's incredibly versatile. Thanks to the flexible wire arms, I can make any type of mounting situation, even wrap it around my fingers for gripping support. I can wrap the wires around my table legs, on the corner of the desk, in a variety of ways. It's really quite fun.

IMStick magnetic phone mount

The only problem is that it requires a metal disc on the back of your phone or a case. The company has solved for wireless charging by creating special plates that are designed to circumvent the wireless charging system in your phone. When the campaign ends, the company will ask which device you own, so they can send you the appropriate metal plate. This is typical of companies that make magnetic mounts. My Scosche car mount uses a magnet system that avoids the wireless charging system on my iPhone. If you don't want to stick the metal plate right on your iPhone (who does?), you can get a lightweight, easy-to-remove case, like Peel or Totallee's clear case and put the disc on it.

If you pledge now, you can get an IMStick (with two wires instead of one) for $21 instead of the retail price of $32. The campaign goes until March 2. If you miss out on the campaign, you can find out more at the company's website

$21 at Kickstarter

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