When Gizmodo honcho Brian Lam found out via Twitter that one of his readers was experiencing a brutal 8-hour iPhone sync, he did what any EiC worth his postings would do: secured time-lapse video! To put 8 painful hours fully into perspective:

That's a full night of sleep. That's a full day of high school. That's longer than it takes to fly cross country, or drive from SF to Los Angeles. After seeing this video, I stopped complaining and tried to figure out what caused Brandon's problem with him.

Heck, it's a wait in an launch day Apple Store line! They tried syncing via a MacBook Air and an iMac, and even switched out cables, but the 74 App sync just wouldn't -- indeed couldn't! -- be tamed.

Atypical? For certain. Incredible? Pretty much. If it were us? We'd probably nuke the thing, bury it upside down, cover it in concrete, and salt the earth -- then politely ask Steve Jobs to start over...

Luckily, my longest sync has probably never topped 5 minutes. What about you? What's your longest sync been to date?