Ink and Slide are Adobe's new digital stylus and ruler

In addition to announcing Lightroom for iPhone and Photoshop Mix for iPad today, Adobe also announced two new hardware tools, its new Ink stylus, as well as the Slide ruler. These tools, formerly known as Mighty and Napolean, were originally announced last year. Along with their release, Adobe is launching a pair of iPad apps to take advantage of the new hardware's capabilities.

Both of these tools were made in partnership with Adonit, maker of several tablet styli. Ink is a three-sided aluminum stylus that features pressure sensitivity and connects to Adobe's Creative Cloud, which gives users access to things like photos and color palettes. It also features palm rejection, though it uses the standard method of simply disabling multitouch gestures. Ink works in tandem with Slide in order to create straight lines and precision shapes.

These two accessories are accompanied by the release of two new drawing apps for the iPad. The first is Adobe Sketch. Sketch is a free-hand drawing app that is designed to integrate with Ink, and utilizes a menu activated by using the stylus in order to change tools, colors and more. Share your work on Behance, Twitter, and Facebook. Sketch also features Touch Slide, a digital counterpart to the new Slide ruler, to help you draw perfect shapes and lines using on-screen smart guides and snapping.

The second app is Adobe Line. Meant for drawing and drafting with precision, Line can be used to create images with straight lines, geometric shapes, and more. Line also has the same Touch Slide tool as Sketch. Though inteded for use with Adobe's new hardware, Line can be used with just your fingers, of course. The app supports a number of gestures, including two-finger undo and redo, pinch-to-zoom, and two finger panning across the canvas. Just like line you can share your creations on Behance, Twitter, and Facebook.

Both apps are available for free, available from the App Store right now. The Ink stylus and Slide ruler are available as a set from Adobe for the price of $199.99.

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Source: MacRumors

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