Intel announces new version of Thunderbolt

Intel has announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface with support for up to 20Gbps throughput, as well as support for 4K. Code-named Falcon Ridge, this new version of Thunderbolt sports some impressive capabilities. According to Engadget

But let's talk about the real news: the next-gen Thunderbolt tech (code-named Falcon Ridge) enables 4K video file transfer and display simultaneously in addition to running at 20 Gbps.

In addition to its impressive output, Falcon Ridge will be compatible with the first-generation ports and connectors. The current version of Thunderbolt, formerly Light Peak, has a maximum throughput of 10Gbps, and has been on various Macs since 2011.

Of particular interest to Mac users -- current Thunderbolt connectors can't support enough bandwidth for a theoretical Retina 27" LED Thunderbolt display. This one could.

Falcon Ridge is expected to start production in 2014.

Source: Engadget