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Over the next decade, the world of finance is going to be transformed by new technology. The Ultimate FinTech & Blockchain Bootcamp Bundle helps you get ahead of the curve, with nine in-depth courses. For a limited time, it's now only $39.99.

Whether you already work in financial services or want to start a new career, learning about the latest fintech is a smart move. You could spend months reading — but this bundle helps you get educated in hours.

Through nine 60-minute courses, you learn about a range of cutting edge technologies. Along the way, you learn how blockchain works and how robo-advisors are helping investors.

Other courses look at alternative lending, insurance tech, and artificial intelligence in finance. The beginner-friendly tutorials break down complex subjects into bitesize chunks, helping you come away with a clear understanding.

The training comes from FinTech School, an e-learning publisher that is rated at 4 stars by previous students.

You would normally pay $1,592 for this content, but you can grab the bundle today for just $39.99 with lifetime access included.


Sale 48031 Primary Image The Ultimate FinTech & Blockchain Bootcamp Bundle – $39.99

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