Introducing Snapchat TV!

Snapchat on iPhone
Snapchat on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

Whether you're someone who uses the app daily or someone who thinks it's dumb AF, you've definitely heard of Snapchat in the last couple of years – it's the social media app with over 158 million users daily, which, y'know, is a lot.

The social media app recently took off and skyrocketed to the top of online popularity, with users spreading their dog selfies from one inch of the internet to the other, but now Snapchat has a new medium they're taking aim at: television.

App Advice:

Thanks to content deals with some the biggest names in Hollywood, Snapchat will soon be the home for three-to-five minute original video programs. The "ambitious effort" is to go after "Snapchat's lucrative young audience."

So what does Snapchat TV look like?

The model seems to be two to three new episodes of original content every day at around three-to-five minutes a piece.

Where can I watch?

The episodes will be offered under the Stories section on your snap.

What kind of content can we expect?

App Advice:

Snap has signed original content deals with NBCUniversal, Turner, A+E Networks, Discovery, BBC, ABC, ESPN, Vice Media, Vertical Networks, the NFL, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. The company is also in discussions with CBS and Fox.

Snap is also expected to announce a deal that will bring Food Network-related content to the app #moreGuyFieriplease

Is there anything else like this out there?

No, not really, but Twitter did recently announce plans to bring live video 24/7 to users with partners like Live Nation, MLB, and Bloomberg.

Where can I download Snapchat?

Right here!

What do you think?

Are you stoked about Snapchat TV, or do you think this is a silly feature that will eventually fall by the wayside?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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