Twitter TV?

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If Twitter is your social media poison of choice, then you probably know about the recent push towards live video and streaming.

But in a statement from Twitter's COO and CFO, Anthony Noto, it appears that the app is going a bit further than that…

"We will definitely have 24/7 content on Twitter," Noto said during an extensive interview about the company's live video strategy last week. "Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what's happening, you think of going to Twitter." Twitter will take some time to reach its 24/7 programming goal, Noto said, without offering a timetable. "We're working on many, many things. There's a lot in the pipeline."

What's the point?

Twitter is kind of a big deal when it comes to events like the Presidential inauguration and the pre- and post-Oscar shows, so Twitter TV would act as an extension of the live efforts that go into covering these events.

It just makes sense!

So it's just a place for people to Live Stream?

Yes and no.

Noto is hoping that this 24/7 model will eventually become a little bit of "ultra-premium content" mixed with some "not-so-ultra-premium content".


Jeremy Liew of venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners referred to this type of content as "ambient digital video" and said Twitter could very well fill a gap left over by premium services like Netflix and HBO, which are always seeking full viewer attention.

What can we expect to watch?

A little bit of everything: TV shows, movies, live streams, etc. You will probably be able to pick and choose what you watch and see.

Will this be a separate Twitter TV app? Or will it be built into the original app already?

While this isn't 100% clear yet, it seems like it will be part of the original app and not something you need to download and use separately like Facebook Messenger (but this could change).


We think that is a great way to have the programming carried along with you during your day. Focus in on it when you hear something that's of interest, but then maybe not be 100% focused on it when it's not of interest. I did that myself during the debates.

When can we expect Twitter TV?

No news on that… yet.

Would you watch Twitter TV?

Are you someone who adores everything about Twitter and cannot possibly wait for this new Twitter TV, or are you someone who thinks this is kind of unnecessary and dumb with all the other streaming services out there?

Let us know what you think about Twitter TV in the comments below!

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