ZEN and TECH is hosted by our very own Georgia, with a little bit of banter provided by yours truly. We don't always post it here on iMore because the subject matter -- how to center your inner geek and de-stress your connected life -- doesn't always directly relate to our focus here -- iPhone and iPads, and Apple stuff.

But Georgia is starting something new with ZEN and TECH that, while still not all about Apple, is something that I think could be of enormous value to a huge portion of our readership, listenership, and viewership.


There's absolutely nothing more important to the future of our world than our children, but while cars require licenses and gadgets come with instruction books, most of us aren't given a lot of help when it comes to the immensely more important job of raising our children.

Georgia's day job is as a therapist, and a highly successful one at that. When she's not reviewing the latest iPhone and iPad gear for us, or chatting on the podcast, she's helping people live better lives, and she's spent years specializing on children and parenting.

She typically charges a small fortune for her work but she's incredibly passionate about it, loves the Mobile Nations community, and wants to share her experience on the off chance (I'd say likely chance) it can help us with our parenting skills.

So, for the next few months, every other episode of ZEN and TECH will focus on parenting, with a ton of tips, and a lot of share experience and insight. If you can join us live, please do. She'd love to hear your thoughts and answer questions. Either way, if you're a parent, plan to be a parent, or are simply interested in the topic of parenting, subscribe to ZEN and TECH via the links above, and if you have friends, family, or colleagues that you think are or should be interested, please help us spread the word.

It's the most important series we've ever done.

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