These five features we love are missing from iOS 13 (for now)

iOS 13 Dark mode
iOS 13 Dark mode (Image credit: iMore)

iOS 13 is officially here and ready to download and it is packed with a ton of new features including Dark Mode, Voice Control, Shortcuts, and much more; however, not everything Apple announced back at WWDC in June is featured in the new update.

Some features we know are coming in iOS 13.1 — the next big iOS update scheduled for September 24 — but a few features are still in limbo. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the features you won't find in iOS 13 and aren't coming until later.

iPadOS 13

iPad files

iPad files (Image credit: iMore)

Apple has always had the iPad run on the same OS as the iPhone, and in recent years, they even starting included iPad-only features into iOS. Well, the newly minted iPadOS 13 takes iOS and morphs it into a more iPad focused experience.

With a vastly improved browsing experience in Safari, new text editing features, mouse support, and so much more, iPadOS 13 won't be available to the public until September 24.

Shortcut Automations

Shortcuts running on an iPhone XS

Shortcuts running on an iPhone XS (Image credit: iMore)

A huge update to the Shortcuts app, Shortcut Automations lets you make Shortcuts that will automatically trigger when a certain condition is met. You can set your favorite playlist start playing in Apple Music when you leave your house, get the weather app to give you the forecast when you turn off your morning alarm, send your Mom a text message that says "I Love You" every day at 4:17 PM, and so much more.

While the Automation feature was included in early builds of the iOS 13 beta, it was pulled and moved to the iOS 13.1 beta a little bit later. Unfortunately, that means the public has to wait until iOS 13.1 comes out on September 24 for the feature.

Message Announcements

Back in June at WWDC, Apple unveiled a new feature that would allow you to get voice announcements from Siri when you got a message while wearing AirPods or Powerbeats Pro. Siri will announce the sender, then read you their message. You'll be asked if you want to reply, after which you say "Tell them [your message]." You won't have to say "Hey Siri" to respond.

The feature did make a brief appearance in an early build of the iOS 13 beta but has since pulled. Now, the feature isn't even in the iOS 13.1 beta, meaning the time table for this feature is unknown.

Share ETA in Maps

Apple has been hard at work with the Maps app and iOS 13 features fantastic new layouts as well as even more detailed Maps as Apple is currently in the process of mapping routes in cars. The entire US will get these new maps by the end of 2019, with other "select" countries next year.

While these new maps are great, the Share ETA feature is missing from iOS 13. The feature is pretty simple and useful; when you start a route in Maps, thee will be a Share ETA button at the bottom of your screen. When you tap it you'll be given a list of your recent contacts, plus the options to go through your contact list, and with a couple of taps, send them your ETA through messages.

The good news is Share ETA is already in the iOS 13.1 beta, which means we should see it when iOS 13.1 launches on September 24.

HomePod multi-user support and Audio Handoff

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod (Image credit: iMore)

HomePod owners were beyond happy to hear that both multi-user support and Audio Handoff were coming to HomePod.

Multi-user support for HomePod is supposed to eventually be able to recognize different people's voices and be able to respond with information tailored to that specific person. While Audio Handoff is supposed to allow your HomePod to play audio coming from your iOS device when it's near automatically.

Since software updates for HomePod are tied to iOS updates (and there's no HomePod beta program) we have no idea when we will see these features come to the HomePod. It's possible, it could happen with iOS 13.1 next week, but it also may not happen until later.

Anything else we missed?

Let us know in the comments down below if we missed any other features that iOS 13 doesn't have yet!

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