iPhone 6s startup screenSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple announced iOS 15 earlier today.
  • A new feature will allow users to upload data to iCloud even if they don't have a subscription.

Earlier today, during Apple's WWDC21 opening keynote, the company announced a slew of new software updates. One of those was iOS 15 and while we're still picking the bones out of the announcements there is one new feature that is worth noting because it will make getting a new iPhone more fun.

Switching to a new iPhone is going to be easier and quicker than before thanks to the ability to upload data to iCloud for storage even when the user doesn't have an active subscription.

New iPhone setup makes it more seamless than ever to get started with iPhone. Existing iPhone users can temporarily back up data to iCloud — even without a subscription — to easily transfer their data to a new iPhone.

What's more, Apple says that it is making improvements to the Move to iOS app, making switching from Android easier than before.

For those moving to iPhone for the first time, an improved "Move to iOS" experience easily transfers photo albums, files, folders, and Accessibility settings, so iPhone feels personal right from the start.

All of this will be available as part of the iOS 15 update when it ships to the public this fall. The first beta is already available to developers while those who are on the public beta program will be able to get their feet wet from next month.

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