iOS 4.3 features: Wi-Fi personal hotspot on iPhone 3GS

We received a lot of questions and conflicting reports about whether or not the new iOS 4.3 personal hotspot feature would work on iPhone 3GS and the answer -- from a software standpoint as of beta 2 -- is... kinda.

Personal hotspot replaces tethering in the iOS 4.3 Settings system and while iPhone 3GS does indeed show the new Personal Hotspot feature it doesn't show the Wi-Fi option available on iPhone 4. Yup, Bluetooth and USB are the only options, same as were previously available under Tethering.

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Now whether or not Apple adds the feature in for iPhone 3GS users when iOS 4.3 goes into general release, and whether individual carriers like AT&T choose to implement it or not we don't know. But as of now, there is Personal Hotspot, just no Wi-Fi, and that means 1 device only, not 5.

For more see our iOS 4.3 walkthrough.

UPDATE: Per comments below, no Wi-Fi option for iPhone 3GS under iOS 4.3 beta 2.