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No iOS 4.3 love for iPhone 3G?

It looks like Apple isn't showing any iOS 4.3 love to the iPhone 3G. No formal announcement has been made about the lack of support but no official iOS 4.3 beta download has been made available either, not for iPhone 3G or the 2009 iPhone touch 2.

Would Apple really cut off the iPhone 3G with iOS 4.3 and not wait for iOS 5? Do you think iOS 4 performance issues are to blame?

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  • The iPhone 3G shouldn't be running iOS 4 in the first place...
  • I heard the iPhone Touch 2 was awesome. lol
  • This is natural. iPhone 3G isnt powerful enough for that.
  • It's not that. It's just that it is not as advanced as the 3GS and cannot handle it. It's like trying to get macOS to work on a PC.
  • Not entirely true. The only thing holding me back from installing Mac OS X on my PC is my Pentium D. If I had a Core 2 Duo, I'd be fine.
  • Fine with me. I bought an iPhone 3G just before the 3GS came out (oops) and am due for an upgrade at the end of the month. So my phone is basically becoming obsolete soon anyway
  • Might as well wait 4 more months and get the 5
  • Exactly my plan. Upgrade over the summer and get the best features.
  • It's funny how people have such loyalty to a company like Apple yet the company doesn't reciprocate. After my purchase of the iPhone 3G, the 3gs came out shortly thereafter. Bizarre differences like video, (still not supported), battery indicater % (which works fine on jailbroken phones), and the ever evolving slowness with each and every update. simply put: 1. The updates do not offer support for features that the older models can't perform (laugh!). 2.) The updates main purpose should be to patch holes in security without rendering a phone frustratingly slow. 3.) The update should complement EVERY model that you are TOLD you SHOULD update to. Apple is all about the dollar bill and could care less about it's brainless sheep. C'mon my old Motorola RAZR recorded video. That alone shows you how Apple operates. Give a little, give the rest later. Waste resources. Throw away your phone. Garbage.
  • Um, you mind as well start saying goodbye to the fully featured iPhone 3GS iOS updates too. I fully expect it to not have a few key features from iOS 5. If it had 512 MB of memory or had a faster processor, maybe I'd think different, but the end of the line is near. Apple mind as well stop making them right now and sell off their 3GS inventory.
    iOS 5 updates for iPod touch 4th gen are going to be mighty interesting. With only 256 MB of RAM and ~800 MHz A4 SoC, a prospective iOS 5 update on that could be very tight, 10 lb of stuff squeezed into a 5 lb bag tight. If Apple manages to do it well, my 3GS will have some hope.
  • "Might as well start"? Dude, we started saying goodbye to fully featured upgrades a long time ago - ever since iOS 4 came out. The list of stuff that 3G users didn't get is long and growing.
  • Doh! Never mind, read "3gs" as "3g". Yep, I think you're correct - the 3GS is going to start being left behind too.
  • I am not keen on installing another iOS version that does not really run on my 3G. iOS 4 (and late iOS3 versions) have been a torture, rather than an operating system for iPhone 3G s.
  • Exactly. My mom's 3G was painful to use with iOS 4. Thank God my dad got her an iPhone 4 for Christmas.
  • Although to be honest, at least performance on 3G has somewhat improved with the release of 4.1 and 4.2. 4.0 was so bad I nearly chucked the damn phone.
  • The biggest thing about this is that Apple were still selling iPhone 3Gs worldwide until the release of the iPhone 4.
  • how can you guys even accuse android of fragmentation when its there in iOS too
  • Not even comparable, all the latest iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iTV) will be running 4.3 next month, you can't expect devices that came out years ago to be able to run the latest software.
    With Android, you've got hundreds of different phones, most of them not even coming out with the latest or even 2nd latest OS. And a month later you have companies like Samsung who come out with a newer device, and they abandon the older one that just came out. And then the different companies are running different skins on their devices like Moto/Sony. That's fragmentation!
  • Tech device life cycle variations in maturity and retirement is not's not the same thing as the latest models of X number of devices all theoretically having the same OS, but in reality not being the same due to considerable variation in hardware design and actual OS implementation. No one expects current and future versions of the Android OS to support EVERY ancient generation of Android device. Developers in both OS camps will also progress forward and cease support of older gen devices, or at least not update previous generations of their apps.
  • This is how technology works, I don't want future iPhones to be held back all so that a 5 year old device can still have the latest features. People that last bought phones over 2 years ago are eligible for an upgrade, use it.
  • This may be how it works in the U.S. but it's not how it works in other countries.
  • Maybe not, but I always look at all technology purchases this way. Does said device do everything I want it to out of the box? Am I happy with what the device is today? If I answer yes to both those questions, I buy it. I don't buy on "future potential if an upgrade provides..."
  • iOS 4 does fine on my 3Gs. I doubt iOS 5 will run on it, but by then I'll be upgrading (hopefully to iPhone 5). I am actually eligible now for an upgrade, but will wait until the new iPhone is available.
  • Doesn't really matter. Besides more AirPlay advancement and the new Personal Hotspot feature, if that even gets activated by AT&T, there's nothing else apparently beneficial to the iPhone in 4.3 anyway. The iPad gets more bang in this one with the hardware switch customization and 4/5 finger multitasking gestures.
    I was sure hoping for some tweaks to notifications and replacement of the volume slider in the iPhone's multitask bar with brightness control instead...volume already QUICKLY controllable in other ways, brightness requires multiple taps.
  • Not all of us use AT&T. Just because AT&T won't support a feature doesn't make it useless.
  • Does this mean the 3rd gen 8gb touch is unsupported too since its basically a 2nd gen?
  • I still have one year contract on my 3G ,I will never get a 3 year contract again.
  • 3 years? Wow. I thought I was taking the plunge with 2!
  • 3 yrs?! Wasn't even aware that was possible. Was that to get the device for free?
    The silly answer is you simply have to spend more money with AT&T...LOL. With our family's over $200 monthly spend, I'm able to upgrade every Donkey would say, "Maybe it's a perk!"
  • it's typical now for mobile device to get 1 major update before it stop being supported. So i think anything that came out in 2010 will be fully supported while anything before will either get a light version or not supported at all.
  • 3year contract in Canada ,Rogers $15.00 a month no data,but I am stuck with a 3G boat anchor
  • The only reason I kept my old 3G when I got my iPhone 4 was to install android on it and impress my slightly nerdy friends :)
  • Apple desperately wants to force obsolescence on the 3GS but it's nearly identical specs to the iPad so they can't quite bring themselves to do it. It's no surprise they'd throw all 3G users under the bus.
  • (no squealing breaks heard)
    (tump heard in a distance)
    - AAAARRGHHHhhhh ... hhh ... hh.
  • My iPhone 3g runs fine with 4.2.1
  • Who's ever waiting for iPhone 5, you'll be waiting longer than summer, as it will be delayed. I work across the street from some of Apple's development teams in Cupertino (on Bubb Rd.) and was talking to some of their guys while they were out on a smoke break. They didn't say it outright but it was kind of a "hint, hint" thing. I'e heard rumors to this affect also, but you know how rumors go.
    I've got a 3G, and eligible for upgrade but I've decided to go with the Moto Atrix...picking one up this weekend at Costco for $119!
  • AT & T needs to be investigated for fraudulent practices. When they sold a 3 year contract to a 3G, they were obliged to find ways that the phone could be updated to the latest technology like OS 4.3. This is a conspiracy between Apple and AT &T to force buyers into new phones and new plans. AT&T should have sold the phone with a condition, that there would be no advanced technology in the future. Its not like a computer that technology gets old, we are talking about a subscription that you are tied to for 3 YEARS.
  • I think it's outrageous that as a customer I'm not able to download 4.3 update. In the uk to purchase the iPhone outright is nearly £500 pounds!!! And it costs less than half that to make the damn thing.
  • its all part of apple's nazi-esque regime to make you buy an iphone 4. once you buy that, an iphone 5 a few months later. personally, im happy apple is finished downgrading my 3g.
  • iOS 4.3.3 fixes the tracking "bug" - but alas iPhone 3G cannot run it! Curse you, Apple! Release a fix that the 3G can run! Nobody should need to buy a newer phone so they don't get tracked by their phone!
  • Fuck! thats not fair!
  • Not fair!!! Y apple? Y? Huhuhu
  • iIm loving my IPhone 3gs...I can just toss 150$ for iphone 4 but the Iphone 3gs why bother??the camera??what am I missing,My brother has the iphone 4,and to me they are the SAME minus few specs..(FaceTime/camera...etc..) I have bb torch,(two)..and Android Phones,I am happy as a bee with my Iphone 3gs.I prefer its appearance too LOL
  • I hear Steve's casket is filled with iphone 4s, who is up for grave robbin?
  • I use my iPhone 3G as an iPod and the only feature I want is multitasking by double tapping the home button. Which isn't on 4.2.1 which is what I hcave. How can I get that feature by either updating or jailbreaking? Thanks