When can you get iOS 5 on your device? This fall!

So when exactly will you get iOS 5 on your device? That's easy -- it'll be available this coming fall with a developer seed arriving today. And what devices will be capable of running iOS? That's another easy one as well. It'll support all the same devices as last time. For those of you who might not remember what they were last time:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen)

No surprises there, everything is as was expected for iOS 5 releases. Now all we have to do is wait it out until fall rolls around.

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  • Will this iOS be split up so that AT&T will get it first then Verizon or will it just be launched to everyone?
    This sounds very promising all of us....well except for RIM (hahahaha)
  • Verizon deserves to wait. Seriously.
  • Why because we get great cell phone signal and unlimited data. Yeah I guess Apple needs to throw you AT&T users a bone
  • No. Because they turned down the iPhone in 2007 and tried to brand it with their vzw bloat and retarded V. That is all.
  • This FAIL?? Oh wait, FALL... my bad.
  • Like
  • So if I sign up to become a developer, can I get iOS 5 today?
  • yep, for $100 (I believe that's the price point... but I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong. I'm talking to you, d00d. lol)
  • The os is free, the developer program costs 99 bucks. Of course you have to be registered with the program, so...
  • You should read the comments on the dev boards, from people who manage to get in there from purchasing access from online sites.
    This is a BETA, and not for the average user, which people like you don’t understand. It is supposed to be installed on a SEPARATE device, not your main device, as it can disable features or whatnot.
    The average user doesn’t understand this, and freaks out when they get a bug. I’ve seen comments cursing Apple about glitchy releases, then get verbally beat down by REAL devs, explaining the definition of BETA!!!
  • Ignore Ethan. Apple never releases a beta that'll damage your iDevice. Just get on PirateBay later tonight when it's released to devs (someone's going to seed it, I promise) or something and get a torrent for it. I did that with iOS 4.3 weeks before it was released through iTunes and had no issues with it.
  • Hey it's on pirate bay but how do I get it on my iPhone and iPad?
  • Nobody said it would damage your device. However, seeing as it was just released yesterday none of the apps will be supported and half the stuff on your phone may not work at all. I'd say that'd be reason enough not to screw around. The point here is for DEVELOPERS to get the beta and work out the BUGS, and make sure their APPS work with it, so that WE won't be cussin' and spitting venom when it is released to the average user.
  • I have an iphone 3GS and have been on the fence on upgrading to Iphone4 or a newer version if announced or going to android. I really want to say that ios5 won me over but it didn't. Other than notifications, nothing else was that great. Even then, notifications was just on par with everyone else. Without new hardware, I don't think iphone has won me over.
  • yeah... I'm sure I speak for the iDevice community when I say, "Sorry 'bout that, man"
  • As an Apple fanboy who was stuck with an Android (Samsung Captivate) phone for six months, I can assure you iOS is way better than any Android phone. And iOS 5 is going to show it.
  • As an apple fanboy, nothing you say about Android OS has any merit.
    I'm a recent convert from iOS to android, and have to say that after the initial learning curve (where did patience go, anyhow?), android allows the user much more freedom, albeit without all the hand-holding that iOS offers.
    Do you want a semi-auto .22 pistol with a safety? Or do you want a fully-auto .50 machine gun that destroys everything in your sights?
  • I'll just have the new iPhone, thanks. You can keep your killing machines. ;)
  • I was a bit underwhelmed by iOS 5, I'm not gonna lie. I'm much more excited about iCloud, free(ish) MobileMe, and OS X Lion. Oh well, there are only a few more things, I suppose, that Apple can do to improve the iPhone (whilst maintaining great battery life). So I guess we'll hafta wait until iOS 6 and iPhone 6. That will probably finish off everybody's iOS wish list, I would imagine.
  • I sure hope that there is a way to disable the twitter features, since I'm not a sociable person.
    SMS custom tones please!
  • If you don't have a Twitter, then there won't be "Twitter features". Duh.
  • Not even a mention of new hardware and that angers me. IOS 5.0 looks good but not even a mention.
  • Someone's got their panties in a twist...
  • Well, with the only exception of having to wait til fall for iOS 5, I'm pretty happy with what they've announced today. I'm OK with waiting a few more months if it means getting a better and more refined final product in the long run. For me the main things were notifications and wireless synching, which were long overdue. Everything else was pretty nice, too. Today was about the software; maybe tomorrow or Wednesday they'll bring out some hardware.
  • Will there be a way to install the seed to a non-dev device? I have seen this before, am I correct?
  • Shift+click Restore through iTunes. Same as always.
  • for iOS4 I know you could download the GM candidate before it was publicly released because I think somebody just uploaded the file (illegal I'm sure)..I want ios5 NOW!!
  • Don't download and install the beta without being a dev!
    It verifies your device against a list in the developer program and so will fail to update, potentially bricking your device.
    (info based on iOS4 release)
  • Never try to put the iOS gm seed on your iPhone if you aren't a developer. When you become a developer your device is put into the system as a dev device and any standard device won't have this. That means that you won't be able to update and apple may find out. This could also brick your iPhone and not let you access it.
  • why such a long delay? It is still spring. This wont come out until Fall? 4-6 months away?
    Did I miss the comments about the new iphone 5?
  • No mention of any hardware ruined the WWDC for me...I skipped upgrading to the ip4 so I could hold out for the 4S or 5..whatever they are gonna call it. OS5 looks good, but no new hardware mention killed it for me.
  • +1
    My cracked-screen 3G has lost true GPS (only triangulation works now) and WiFi strength is slowly dropping. I was really really hoping for a new phone to be announced.
    Maybe I need to get one of those $49 3GS models. Does anyone know if I can get one without screwing myself out of an upgrade to the new one this fall? (I'm on month-to-month contract since December)
  • I'm afraid not, Kirbini. If you accept the phone at the 49 dollar price you must sign away your upgrade along with a new contract. I'd advise keeping an eye on Craigslist someone in my neighborhood posted an iPhone 4 32gig for 225 bucks, just because they got the white one. If only I hadn't been dead-broke at the time. :( I'm still holding onto my 3GS with it's dead power button.
  • iOS 5 installed on my iPhone 4 :) nothing is bust apart from missing wallpapers.. It totally rocks.
  • do you have to buy a new device to have ios 5 or is just a update you can get from itunes ?
  • When in the fall does it come out. Like what day and what month.
  • Unfortunately, that reply didn't answer the question thoroughly... could you please tell us the exact release date of iOS 5 and iPhone 5? Exactly what date will it be released on? That would help, thanks.
  • a date hasnt been released yet.
  • I'm surprised that you would expect someone to tell you an exact release date! Get some common sense. Apple doesn't tell people these things. Derp
  • Go to http://www.betaios.com to get iOS 5 beta 6 on your iDevice
  • Damn
  • it's supposedly coming out november 4th
  • October 14th.
  • Your pretty close oct 13 yo!
  • does it cost anything?
  • i wish iphone 3g can get ios 5
  • can you upgrade from ios 4 to ios5
  • oct 12