iOS 6 banners start going up at Moscone Center in preparation for WWDC

We're about as ready as we'll ever be for WWDC next week, and though the announcement of iOS 6 was actually little more than a safe bet so far, banners at the Moscone Center confirm that Apple will be announcing their next-generation mobile operating system next week. It's being labeled as "the world's most advanced mobile operating system" and comes along with a new fingerprint-styled icon.

The real fun will be when we find out what exactly is stored inside iOS 6. A revamped maps application powered by Apple (rather than Google) seems like it will be the big addition, but we're also expecting to see some extensive Facebook integration. We might even get Siri on the iPad, and a bunch of smaller things, like cloud-stored  browser tabs and a "do not disturb" switch for Notification Center.

It'll be a hell of a show, and we'll have both Rene and Leanna on the ground floor catching all of the news. What would you guys like to see most from iOS 6, or WWDC for that matter? What would iOS 6 have to do to truly be "the world's most advanced mobile operating system"?  Does iOS 5 already claim that throne?

Source: Twitpic

Simon Sage

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