iOS 6.1 beta 4 now available to developers

Apple has just released iOS 6.1 beta 4 to developers. If you already have the iOS 6.1 beta installed, launch Settings, tap General, tap Software Update, and update in-place and over-the-air (OTA). If not, or if you prefer to be traditional about it, you can download the firmware from (opens in new tab) and load the whole thing over USB.

Rene Ritchie

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  • What will 6.1 bring us?
  • Nothing... as the tradition says. I'm growing tired of iOS. I've been a supporter of the whole thing since iPhoneOS first version and thru the years, the surprises on each new version are becoming merely little touches of light and mirrors, even on mayor ones. I really hope that the new team can pull something new or otherwise Android will go too far ahead to catch it.
  • Do you grow tired of your butter knife? Or how about a hammer ? I'm sure your door knob could use a serious revamping. An Operating System is nothing more than a tool and the tools that are generally preferred are the ones that complete tasks in an efficient manner requiring less steps. If there's a platform that can accomplish this for me I'm interested but as of yet there is nothing that I find more simple and elegant than iOS. Android certainly isn't it.
  • Haaaaa... dear random citizen, I'm not complaining about what I already have, but what I'm missing. For example: a good mail app where I can easily attach files, and also on the same track, a better file system instead of having a list on each different app (it is really a mess). Maybe a way to block unwanted callers and so many other great little things to make the OS better. iOS is really a great OS, but on the latests releases, aside from Siri and the new notification system, there isn't much new.
  • no change log?
  • ditto...
  • People who are eligible to download the betas know where changelogs and the things Apple would like them concentrate on in testing can be obtained via the Apple development site - and those kinds of things are covered by the Non-Dsiclosure agreements one has to enter into to be able to access iOS betas.